“You should have known better.”

That’s the phrase I dreaded hearing in my youth.
When I would make a mistake and get found out, my parents or my boss would look disappointed and trot out that comment.

In my last decade, I started really challenging the idea that I should know better. Because most of the time, I had NOT been taught what to do in the correct way.

The truth is we don’t know how to do things like balance our bank accounts or make good boundary choices with our time UNTIL someone teaches us or we learn through trial and error.

And it sucks to live in a culture that teaches us poorly but punishes us for not knowing better.


gif of a person with fingers pointing at them with text reading "You should've known better!" floating above their head


When I think about how most of us were trained by our schools and culture, I see a lot of lessons that DISCONNECT us from ourselves.

We were taught to memorize and regurgitate other people’s wisdom.

We were taught that power is always outside of us.

We were taught to stay on a well-trodden path and never deviate.

We were taught that we must follow the authority in the room, and that authority is never ourselves.

We were taught to worship the deadline and always be producing.
All of these lessons we grew up with stole us from ourselves and our own ways of knowing. These teachings shut down our creativity and our inspiration.


What you don’t know is NOT your fault.

But it IS your responsibility to challenge the teachings that aren’t working for you.You can teach yourself —

  • To be curious
  • To trust yourself
  • To find your own way
  • To stand in your power
  • To rest




It can feel impossible to go against the grain of what we’ve been taught. Changing  the way we think and behave is HARD. But it is absolutely possible.

My Soul School students comment all the time how going through the program changed their life. It helped them get clarity on what wasn’t working in their lives and gave them the tools to make changes that have stuck.

They are now able to pause their busy minds throughout the day to access rest and quick, meaningful reflection. They no longer fall into their old behavior traps. They feel happier and proud of how responsible they are to their own goals.

Do you want to get out of your own way so you can actually trust your intuition and get your needs met? You can do that in Soul School. Click here to learn more.


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