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Working the Layers of Mind, Body and Spirit

How is it, Rachel, that you are so able to be patient? How have you come to love sitting with yourself and not get bored or anxious? How are you able to encounter big obstacles and take them with humor, and even gratitude?

How can you work with so many people and not be frustrated? How have you learned to release anger and experience inner peace? How do you not get overwhelmed by all the tasks and decisions and unending stream of input?

How are you so clear with knowing what path to take or choice to make? How are you able to not feel guilty when you choose yourself over fulfilling an “obligation,” or embarrassed when you do weird things like dance in public or sing in front of people?

Folks, I’ve been called to answer these questions, and the answer is in the form of a group program.

I’m taking ten people into the exploration of their lives so we can open our hearts, improve our interpersonal skills, and deepen our confidence. 
We will do this through gaining a better understanding of the physical, emotional, and spiritual layers to the world, and learning how to use tools to navigate them successfully.

What Does Success Look Like? 👀❓

I have realized in the last couple years that I’ve become a woman I admire and respect. I’ve become a person in whose skin I’m proud to live. I’ve become what I always dreamed I would be — a person who is strong, kind, loving, open-minded, and courageous. I am regularly connected with the Heart of Love that beats within everything. I trust myself deeply and instinctually. I am my own dearest friend. And I see the results of Being this person in my relationships and the impact I’m able to have.

This is my call to you. 
Does this sound like the kind of life you want to live?
Have you been seeking a new learning community to raise your awareness and help you evolve?

💫 What you seek is seeking you. 💫

I want ten people who are devoted to their own growth to step into the pilot of my group program. 
Let’s call it Soul School.

We will be learning how to work with the mind to let go of stress and shift habits, how to identify and release ancestral baggage, how to navigate the nebulous waters around purpose and understand signs from Spirit. We will also learn to make our own maps that guide our individual growth practices (since everyone has different needs and protocols that work best for them).

And we will help create structure and healthy discipline so that all the learning can take hold and shape you into the version of yourself you’ve dreamt of.

At the end of Soul School, you will know yourself much more clearly and deeply. You will be able to trust your mind and your intuition, as well as deal with real-world problems with grace and strength.

What We Will Cover

Phase 1: Accessing Yourself

In this phase, we begin by developing and deepening the foundation for all of the work, by strengthening your ability to be honest and patient with yourself and to listen with non-judgment and compassion.

Curriculum includes: the Inner Visual Garden, the Power Pause, the Enneagram, Parts Work, and the Inner Virtual Reality Space.

Phase 2: Walking with Relationships

In this phase, we take these foundational skills and step thoughtfully into relationship dynamics. We will explore tools and strategies that both increase understanding and build capacity for dealing successfully with all sorts of relationships, including negotiating conflict, setting boundaries, and strengthening intimacy.

Curriculum includes: I-group, Systemic and Family Constellations, In Their Shoes, the Self-Rescue System, Core Loving Truths

Phase 3: Collaborating with the Divine

In this phase, we explore our intuition and relationship with Spirit (God, or however you call the Divine Greatness) and develop skills at working with the Divine Flow. We will increase our comfort and confidence in working with the sixth sense, build integrity through a strong knowledge of spiritual ethics, and expand our energy toolkit capacities.

Curriculum includes: Ancestral Unburdening, Spiritual Bypassing, Rituals, Energy Hygiene and Oracle Connection.

What Will the Program Include?

* 2-hour classes twice a month on live Zoom video, with lessons and demonstrations and active discussion. 

* Reading assignments and homework inbetween sessions.

* Practice partnerships with other students each week.

* Facebook group for sharing learnings and asking questions.

* Two personal Magic Sessions with Rachel 

Feeling Called? 

Since this is the pilot of my program, I don’t have all the sleek marketing stuff built. You’re just gonna have to do a little of the work to opt in. (I mean, it’s just scheduling a time to chat with me. No dragons to fight or chasm to cross.) This first step of getting more information is up to you.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know the quality of my work and service, but I don’t expect you to make some huge leap of faith. We can talk about specifics and where you’re at before you make any final decision to join. It needs to be the right fit for the Soul School circle AND for you.

So if you’re ready to learn more, reach out. I can’t wait to see what unfolds.


Fall 2019
12-month group program


Meeting via Zoom


$300 monthly membership

Schedule a Chat with Rachel to Apply.
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