Break Free from Self-Doubt and Trust Yourself in Any Situation

Live 6-Month Group Program

Enrolling now for Q1 2024


But there are one or two areas of your life you know you need to get a handle on. Because these little messes are causing major problems in your life, like feeling…

  • Out of control at times
  • Reactive instead of responsive
    (you tend to be a little on the impulsive side)
  • A lack of consistent energy and/or motivation
  • Stuck in toxic relationships at home or at work
  • Guilty because you’re worried about letting people down
  • Overwhelmed and seek comfort through unsupportive habits
  • Like your needs will never be met

Maybe you don’t know what’s not working or holding you back…

You just know there’s got to be more to life than just getting by, going through the motions, and not really feeling it anymore…


  • Learned how to trust yourself in any situation
  • Stayed present and calm in triggering situations
  • Confidently navigated each day with resilience, calm, and joy
  • Uprooted unhealthy, self-sabotaging behavior patterns
  • Set healthy boundaries in your personal and professional relationships
  • Felt happier, more content, and more at peace with yourself as you are
  • Separated emotions and past hurts from present situations so you made better decisions
  • Connected with your inner power that resulted in a remarkable transformation that took weeks instead of years

And maybe you’re thinking “this all sounds AMAZING but…

If I’m a good enough person, I should be able to figure all this shit out for myself.”

Uhhh, no. No one figures it all out for themselves. Not Oprah, not Tony Robbins, not even Brené Brown. No one walks this path alone.

Honestly, who can you turn to when you know deep down there’s stuff holding you back, especially when you’ve done this whole life thing on your own?

Because you’re not like everyone else and not just any teacher will do for someone like you. You don’t have time for platitudes or generic “life hacks.” Hell, you don’t even want a cheerleader. You want real tools and support so you can release self-doubt and finally trust yourself in even the most difficult situations.

What makes Soul School different:


Useful Tools & Habits

There’s lot of meat on the bones here in Soul School, not empty affirmations or trick hacks. You’ll get both knowledge and applicable tools for how to do things differently, all taken from effective psychological methods.


Build Experience

At least 50% of the time in Soul School is dedicated to putting what you’ve learned into action. Our students are successful because we teach them to move information from just knowledge in their brains (aka trivia) to applied effort (aka skill-building)


Anchor Healthy Behaviors

Turn what you’ve learned into actual habits that you will repeat again. We call this “unconscious competence,” meaning you’re good at a skill without even having to think about it!

After working with me and your group in Soul School, you’ll feel more confident, fight the right battles and be in control of your life. The results of us working together? You’ll find your way to what you really want and have the courage to step up and into what you are called here to do, so you experience more joy, more excitement and a deeper sense of purpose in your day to day life.

SOUL SCHOOL: Journey Within
Live 6-Month Group Program

Break Free from Self-Doubt and Trust Yourself in Any Situation

Enrolling now for Q1 2024

Reviews From Happy Students

Rachel leads the Soul School class with a grace that has truly helped me to tap into my traumas and gently heal and lead my life with more confidence.

I would say that this class is for those who are ready to start living life the way we’re supposed to — without the weight of everyone else’s pain, and with the gentleness to forgive yourself for doing your best. The rewards are 100% worth it.

My recommendation to people thinking about it? Stop thinking and sign up already!

Jess Marquez

I’d just come through a major period of doubt regarding the direction of my business. I was soooo tired. Overwhelmed, too.

I wanted to get clear on my priorities, and stay calm in triggering situations. I came in with few expectations, so all of it was a surprise in a way. But what I benefited from the most was learning parts work, the value of NO, that emotions come up when there’s an unmet need and to recognize that, and tapping really helped (still surprised by that, it doesn’t seem like it should do a damn thing!)

Lauren Van Mullem


I’m not a guru sitting under a fig tree, promising enlightenment (or peddling drugs). And I’m more than a coach or former therapist. I’m an intuitive Soul Medic, a trained teacher, and an experienced guide in working with people just like you. And I practice what I teach.

Along with REAL psychology-based techniques, transformational healing tools and intuitive insights, you’ll have an experienced teacher by your side who has in-depth training and experience as a:

  • Licensed psychotherapist for 8 years (now retired)
  • Masters in Applied Behavioral Sciences
  • Certified Family Constellations facilitator (how family systems affect people)
  • Facilitator of Internal Family Systems, EFT tapping, and energy work
  • Enneagram teacher (incredible insights into what motivates us and what we fear!)
  • And an MFA in Poetry – yes, really (we touch truth through metaphor)

Safe and Grounded Transformational Training

This program isn’t a hodgepodge of random stuff you already know or a smattering of self-help tips you can find on the internet. What I deliver are principles and methods that have been road-tested over 14 years working with clients that resulted in radical changes that stuck long after our work together.

The training in this 6-month program is designed to build on itself in a gradual and sustainable way so you break free from self-defeating patterns of behaviors, dive deep into why you do what you do and gain the tools necessary to trust yourself and take complete control of your life.

This intimate group setting provides a safe space to just be who you are as you are. It’s where you can be completely self-focused and lean on like-minded seekers who are on the same path and willing to go deep. It’s where you show up raw and real and come out the other side confident, committed and completely in control leading your life your way.

By The End Of This Program, You’ll

  • Develop your inner compass and learn how to trust your gut
  • Explore your inner child and the “protectors” that drive your choices so you can make better ones
  • Experience breakthroughs by diving deep into why you do what you do so you can accept yourself or choose to make adjustments
  • Approach self-defeating behaviors with self-love and compassion (foundational to achieving any goal you set for yourself, whether it’s weight loss or upleveling your business)
  • Stay present instead of reactive or triggered in difficult situations
  • Face and befriend your inner critics and get them on your side
  • Listen to and start taking action on that thing, that dream, that goal you’ve wanted to achieve for years

Hey, I’m Rachel

I can’t wait to meet you inside Soul School!
As an energy healer and intuitive with over eight years previous experience working as a licensed psychotherapist, I know first hand what it’s like to be a seeker and to be constantly striving to really know who you are and why you are here. I also know that being a seeker means we often feel like we have to travel this path on our own.

We live in a world that loves labels. As seekers always looking to grow, we stand out in front of others, we are often hard on ourselves and find it difficult to feel a sense of belonging and deep connection with others. We lose our own connection with our inner compass and also often fall hard for labels and the shame that comes with them.

I get it!

My gift as a Soul Medic is intuitively seeing the ways people are blocked from the truth of who they are and helping them move out of those blocks quicker. I see people as they are without all the bullshit, baggage and little messes they avoid. Liberating them from shame and guilt while gently teaching them to realign their energy and purpose with who they really are allows them to communicate clearly and take charge of their lives.

Part science, part psychology and part art (with a hint of magic), I provide a training curriculum that culminates in transformative experiences for seekers who are ready to dive deep, step up and take complete control of their lives.

Soul School offers a unique opportunity to work with me in a small group setting where you experience real shifts and new insights that lead to transformations in weeks instead of years!

You’ll feel more confident, fight the right battles and trust yourself in any situation.

Whether you’re looking to learn more about what makes you tick or you’re ready to clear out whatever (or whoever) is in the way of you becoming stronger, more confident and more engaged in your life, Soul School is uniquely designed for you.

Here’s What You’ll Get Inside:

Live Training

Value: $6000

8 hours per month (48 hours total) of Live Training including demonstrations and active discussions. Experience a sacred and transformative healing space that helps you feel safe to learn, practice, and integrate.

Training Exercises & Workbooks

Value: $700

Soul work exercises in between sessions to hone new skills and process emotions. Designed to complement and enhance the live training sessions so you USE what you learn quickly.

Accountability, Application, & Integration

Value: $2000

Work with a small group of other seekers to practice new skills, bring it into your life and apply it. Get support and get real with each other. Create new friendships and lasting bonds!

Community Support

Value: $500

Private online group for sharing and asking your questions. Enjoy an intimate community of like-minded seekers, including me, to be there when you need help and collaborate on building new skills.


2 Personal Magic Sessions (value $498)

Magic literally happens here! This is where you bring one issue or blockage, and you experience a breakthrough that offers immense relief and liberation. Using intuitive insights and energetic tools, these sessions go beyond “learning.” After these sessions, you feel different and this feeling produces a radical shift in how you see yourself and interact with others.

Soul School is limited to 10 people per group journey.

This intimate setting offers you the opportunity to practice new skills in a safe and supportive environment so you gain the confidence you need to apply them in real life.

You’ll develop deep connections and relationships that will serve as a playground to explore and apply new skills. open your heart to your deepest needs and truths, develop interpersonal skills that empower you, and strengthen your confidence when it comes to making choices in your life. I have found that amazing relationships and deeper transformations take place in these small groups that simply don’t happen anywhere else.

SOUL SCHOOL: Journey Within
Live 6-Month Group Program

Break Free from Self-Doubt and Trust Yourself in Any Situation

Enrolling now for Q1 2024

Program Cost and Refund Policy

The value of Soul School’s 6-month group program exceeds $10,000! But let’s be real…

It’s incredibly valuable to feel completely in control of your life and how you live it. To truly trust yourself in any situation.

Offering this training in a small group setting gives me the flexibility to serve more people in less time – which means you get the same high value of working with me but at a reduced cost.

When you apply to Soul School, and reserve your spot early, you’ll only pay $3650. 

And you don’t even have to pay up front. You can choose to pay the program fee in one of several payment plans that fit your cash flow.

My Commitment To You

There’s literally no risk involved because when you sign up, you’re backed by my 7-day guarantee! If you join, and participate in the first session, and you don’t feel this program is right for you in the first 7 days, I’ll refund you in full.


There’s nothing worse than signing up for a program and being disappointed. I get it.

I want you to feel 100% confident this program is right for you. So, here’s how to know you’re a perfect fit:

  • You want to gain a deep and juicy understanding of the physical, emotional and spiritual layers of yourself
  • You want to grow in the ways you’re meant to despite expectations or demands of others
  • You want to handle conflict and hardship with grace, power, and love – the way you’ve always wanted to
  • You know you can’t keep doing this alone
  • You are ready to show up and do the work
  • You are ready to reconnect with your true self and make choices that align with what’s important to you
  • You are willing to support others and develop deep relationships — there’s a special magic that happens in this group program you won’t find anywhere else

If You’ve Made It This Far…

You’re ready to dive deep, to ditch self-doubt and learn how to trust yourself

But maybe you’re wondering if this is the right time…

Let me fill you in on a little secret…

The perfect or “right” time doesn’t exist.

There is only right now and the choice you make in this moment to go all in on your life or to keep trudging along alone.

Sure… you could keep doing this on your own and you may even make a little progress, but what happens when you get triggered again?

What happens when you fall into self-doubt and confusion over what to do in crappy situations?

What happens a year from now when you find yourself in the exact same place you are today?

You’re here because you’re ready to…

  • Face those little messes that stir up self-doubt
  • Really commit to and achieve that dream, goal or vision you’ve had on your mind for years
  • Dive deep and really understand why you do what you do so you can shift into more support behaviors and patterns
  • Rely on your own inner compass and lead a life that aligns with the truth of who you are

You’ve Got Questions. I’ve Got Answers.

How is what you offer different from other group programs?
By using energetic tools and my intuitive insights combined with my previous experience working as a licensed psychotherapist, I am able to offer a holistic AND scientifically-grounded approach, especially when it comes to clearing blocks. The curriculum is designed to build upon itself gradually so you absorb and practice what you learn during both our weekly sessions and in between. I’ve seen radical transformations occur in a few weeks that may normally take years in therapy or coaching programs.
Why do you require an application?
The magic of this intimate group is powerful in and of itself. In order for the group to have the best experience, participants must be thoughtfully chosen. I personally vet applicants to make sure everyone is at the right stage of readiness and wellness to participate. Also, I have found that when people take the time to apply, they show up and do the work. Students value the confidentiality of this group and honor the unique paths of each and every participant. The application process simply assures us both that you are ready for this intensive inner work and you’re able to show up for yourself and the group.
Why are you the right teacher for me?

Part science, part psychology and part art with a hint of magic, I have over 12 years of experience as a teacher, healer, and former psychotherapist. My training and expertise runs deep and wide. The holistic tools coupled with my facilitation skills culminate in transformative experiences which dive much deeper than other group programs. In fact, what I teach brings clarity and deeper healing through my intuitive ability to see past the bullshit. My background in psychology and teaching means I know how to structure training so it’s effective, meaningful and sticks.

What if I sign up and it’s not right for me?
There’s literally no risk involved. When you sign up, you’re backed by my 7-day guarantee! After attending the first session, if you don’t feel this program is right for you, I’ll refund you in full.
What is the time commitment?
To get the most out of this 6-month program, you’ll need to plan on investing roughly 3-4 hours per week. This is the average time you’ll need to participate in the live training and discussion each week, as well as meet with your partners and do your soul work exercises.
How do I determine if a one-on-one or group program is right for me?

There are benefits for both the one-on-one and this group program. To understand what you’d like to focus on and figure out which path is right for you, schedule a chat with me. Book your free consultation so I can guide you appropriately.

SOUL SCHOOL: Journey Within
Live 6-Month Group Program

Break Free from Self-Doubt and Trust Yourself in Any Situation

Enrolling now for Q1 2024

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