Aren’t You Tired of Doing This Alone ?

Buffy had Giles.
Harry had Dumbledore.
Luke had Obi-Wan…
Who’s guiding you on your epic journey?

If you’re the type of person people envy because of the way your life looks on the outside…

But on the inside you…

  • Feel empty, icky, ambivalent, or lost
  • Struggle dealing with “messes” in your home, career, relationships or health
  • Have no idea what you want anymore
  • Wish you felt more alive and engaged in life
  • Feel like everything is out of control
  • Feel guilty all the dang time without really knowing why

You struggle even though…
You’ve accomplished a lot in life to be proud of and you might even have surpassed what you believed was possible…
You know there’s more for you than what you are experiencing right now. If you only had clarity about what you wanted, you’re sure you could make it happen, like you’ve done so many times before…

When seekers and high performers go it alone, they often…

  • Find it difficult to trust their intuition or gut feelings
  • Are tired of dealing with constant conflict at work or at home
  • Think their way through life instead of feel their way through
  • Feel guilty all the dang time about almost everything
  • Find it nearly impossible to relax or de-stress
  • Feel ambivalent or apathetic towards their life, despite achieving a high level of success
  • Resist taking care of themselves even though they feel like crap
  • Find it difficult to end toxic relationships and leave soul crushing careers
  • Have no idea what they want anymore
  • Lack a sense of meaning or purpose in their lives
  • Want to create a different/better life for themselves but don’t know where to start

Reviews from Clients

I’d been suffering from decision fatigue, burnout, and a loss of professional focus and direction. Rachel’s methods have helped me make the kind of quick intuitive leaps that felt lost to underneath analysis paralysis and death by research.

Sometimes when making major changes, you need someone who can serve as guide on a strange journey of self-exploration and growth. Rachel has provided specific and useful feedback on what messages I tell myself and what I convey to others, in addition to helping me regain my sense of efficacy.”


"Rachel has been my Yoda, my oracle, my Pei Mei. A year ago I was in a dark place and didn’t know what to do. She guided me through a lot of work and personal drama. She taught me life-hacking skills no one ever talks about and how to be a kid again! Thank you for helping me become a much more brave and confident person!"


"You are indispensable."


“If you struggle with conflict, Rachel can teach you to feel confident and empowered to speak from your heart and hold boundaries. Rachel is not only one of the best teachers I know but she is intellectually insightful and varied in wealth of understanding and knowledge AND psychically gifted and sensitive to energetics. She will hold your hand, wake you up and kick your ass in order to help you take a stand for yourself. She is warm and loving and gracious. You will love her content and her as a teacher. I do. “


"Working with Rachel has changed the way I move through the world. Where I used to be frequently tense and suspicious, I feel relaxed and capable. When problems come up, instead of feeling overwhelmed or pissed off, I just take them piece by piece to get to a solution. It's basically master adulting."


“You’re helping me take on more and more challenging issues in a way that feels safe and steady and ultimately successful! You’re helping me be more of my true and authentic self in a way that serves me and other people.
I’ve realized I don’t have to feel like I’m being mean when I’m the challenger and confronting issues head on. It’s not destruction—it helps me solve problems more effectively. “


"Working with you is helping me to feel the absence of bad. A couple of times in the last 48-ish hours I’ve started to have this feeling where I’m like 'wait, I’m not feeling bad. *pause* Oh yeah that’s right, I don’t have any reason to.'  And then I’m back off doing whatever it was I was doing. It’s like there’s always been a noise in the background and all of a sudden I realize it’s not there.

It's just an absence of anxiety, worry, depression, sadness, feeling negative about myself, etc.  it’s just not hanging around me all of the time.”


“I now realize it’s okay if i have my own needs. There’s a lot more honoring of what’s really best for me in the moment. I’m getting much better at figuring out what the self-care is that I need. The awesome tool of loving my parts is ground-breaking. What’s different about working with you Rachel, is how you bring things into the somatic and really ground the work into the cells of the body.”


If your life looks great on the outside, but feels like crap on the inside,

let’s talk.

No pressure, no pushing. Let’s just connect and see what happens.

You are worth more and deserve so much better in your life. Because you’re the kind of person who isn’t afraid to explore, to challenge yourself and to grow into the person you know you can be.
But something (or someone) is blocking the way that you can’t quite put your finger on…
And if you only knew how, you’d face it, deal with it and move on…
Because let’s be honest.
You’ve handled abceverything this far in life alone, so you’ll find a way through this… somehow. At least, that’s what you keep telling yourself.
I see you.
You’re bold. You’re brave. And you appreciate a good challenge.
You don’t want to spend years in therapy…
And you need more than just a coach…
You need someone who understands and has faced the types of challenges you face…
Someone who gets you and will walk alongside you…
Who can provide answers and help you course correct quickly.

But not just any guide will do for someone like you. You don’t have time for platitudes or generic “life” hacks. Hell, you don’t even want a cheerleader. You want real tools and a clear plan to get from where you are to where you’re meant to be…

And to be gently yet confidently guided (without judgment) by someone who won’t let you give in or give up on yourself…

Who sees the YOU you were meant to be without all the baggage, inner criticism and secret messes that distract you from what you really want to pursue.

The journey someone like you embarks upon is too important to walk alone. Rising to what you’re meant for means surrendering all that keeps you from diving deep, stepping up and taking control of your life.

And that feels scary AF and takes loads of courage.

Just think about all of the people you’ll disappoint by no longer being their rock
And all the promises you’ll have to break to lead your life from a place of joy, excitement and conviction.
And all the times you’ll have to say NO to BS and yes to what’s really important to you…
Because you’re not here just to get by…

You’re here to feel alive, deeply satisfied and responsible for your life. You’re here to become the person you know deep inside you were born to be.

You’ve believed for a long, long time that you had to walk this path alone because no one really understands what it’s like to be you. And sure, that worked for you up until now. But if that still worked, you wouldn’t be here, seeking a guide to deal with what stands in the way of the person you are today and the kind of person you know you can be.

If your life looks great on the outside, but feels like crap on the inside,

let’s talk.

No pressure, no pushing. Let’s just connect and see what happens.

Hey there! I’m Rachel and
I want you to know You’re Not Alone

Black sheep. Highly sensitive person. Empath. Outsider.

I know what it’s like to be different. As an energy healer and intuitive with over eight years previous experience working as a licensed psychotherapist, I know first hand what it’s like to be a seeker and a high performer with a sensitive soul. I also know being different can lead us to travelling our journeys alone.

High performers with a sensitive side have a challenging path to navigate in a world that loves labels. Because we stand out in front of others, we are often hard on ourselves and find it difficult to feel a sense of belonging and deep connection with others. We lose our own connection to self and also often fall hard for labels and the shame that comes attached to them.

I get it!

More than a coach or a therapist, I’ve facilitated and witnessed radical transformations take place in less than an hour on countless occasions. This is how I became dubbed a Soul Medic.

Using a variety of tools and methods both in the energetic field and therapeutic model, I provide a unique holistic approach to moving people out of the mental, emotional and energetic blocks that keep them stuck and dissatisfied in life. I see people as they are without all the bullshit, dysfunction and hidden messes they avoid. My unique gift is intuitively seeing the ways people are blocked from the truth of who they are and helping them move out of those blocks quicker. Liberating them from shame and guilt while gently guiding them to realign their energy and purpose with who they really are.

When you take this inner soul journey with me, you’ll free yourself of the BS, dysfunction and hidden messes so you feel safe in diving deep, stepping up and taking control of your life.

If your life looks great on the outside, but feels like crap on the inside,

let’s talk.

No pressure, no pushing. Let’s just connect and see what happens.

I want you to know… You’re Not Broken

You don’t need to be “fixed.” And the truth is there is no magic wand. But if you’re here, I know you’ve got what it takes to make massive changes and shifts in your life. You’re strong. You’re resilient. You’re determined. The only piece you’re missing is a guide who sees you as you really are and who can walk this journey alongside you…
Who will be there for you every step of the way…
So you become the YOU you always knew you could be.

Whether you’re working on getting that promotion, launching a new venture, starting a new career, or clearing out whatever (or whoever) is in the way of you becoming stronger, more confident and more engaged in your life, I’m your guide.

Due to the personal nature and scope of my work, I can only serve a small number of individual clients at a time, which allows me to be consistently available and offer the quality and time commitment my clients deserve. I offer 3 or 6-month guidance packages which include weekly strategy and transformational sessions in addition to on-call support.

If your life looks great on the outside, but feels like crap on the inside,

let’s talk.

No pressure, no pushing. Let’s just connect and see what happens.

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