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What is a Soul Medic?
Part science, part psychology and part art with a hint of magic, a Soul Medic gives you the tools and guidance that culminate in transformative experiences which dive much deeper than other forms of practices.
How is what you offer different from coaching?
My knowledge of the mind and the intricacies of emotions provide a wider depth and broader foundation to serve my clients beyond simply motivating them. Trained in Behavioral Sciences, interpersonal conflict and group dynamics as well as trauma, I’m equipped with more tools and deeper experience than a regular coach. Being emotionally grounded in the work, my clients are able to find their own intrinsic ability to heal and to rise to the truth of who they are. I am able to help them navigate the deeper and more entrenched emotions and beliefs that keep them stuck in unhelpful behavior patterns. I also use energetic tools and practices for a more holistic approach that feels like, well, magic.
How is this different from counseling or therapy?
The support and guidance I provide is meant to supplement therapy, not replace therapy. A therapist is meant to help people recover and maintain their mental health and general life stability. While I use my wisdom and lessons learned from my previous experience as a licensed psychotherapist, I do not provide mental health counseling. Guidance work is intended for people who are functioning generally well and have healthy mental stability and personal insight that support them in adventuring beyond basic understanding of their life and purpose. Also, therapists generally focus on listening and asking questions to push their patients in developing their own insight. While therapy serves an important function, my clients come to me seeking answers they can’t find on their own.
How much do your programs cost?

As of 2024, here are the prices for different ways of working with me.

Magic Session (1 hr) – $325

3-month Soul Medic Guidance (2 hours of weekly session time plus 24/7 messaging support) – $6,500

6-month Soul Medic Guidance (2 hours of weekly session time plus 24/7 messaging support) – $11,900

Why work with Rachel Alexandria?

As a soul medic, I incorporate REAL psychology-based techniques, transformational healing tools and intuitive insights that support my clients in experiencing real shifts that are lasting and meaningful. When you work with me, you’ll have a teacher and guide by your side who has in-depth training and experience as a:

  • Licensed psychotherapist for 8 years
  • Certified Family Constellations facilitator (how family systems affect people)
  • Enneagram teacher (incredible insights into what motivates us and what we fear!)
  • Masters in Applied Behavioral Sciences
  • Facilitator of Internal Family Systems, EFT, and energy work
  • And an MFA in Poetry – yes, really
What are the benefits of working with a Soul Medic?

Working with a Soul Medic offers many benefits, including:

  • Having tools to move past major issues in matter of days versus years
  • Clearing the mind, body and energy of negative beliefs and patterns so you can get to work more quickly on your life’s calling
  • Permission to be selfish, to focus only on your needs and having someone who is there for you both during and in between weekly sessions
  • A safe space to share, to receive support, and to be held accountable without feeling guilt or shame if you struggle or get stuck
  • Going deeper into the unhelpful emotions and beliefs that get trapped so you can release them and restore a sense of control over your life and actions
  • Being able to sit and just be without feeling the need to hustle for your worth or worry about whether you deserve this support
Who should work with a Soul Medic?
A Soul Medic is perfect if you are seeking answers to bigger questions like “Why am I here” or “What’s my purpose?” I bring clarity and deeper healing that other forms of coaching or therapy don’t touch. As a Soul Medic Guide, I have the gift of intuitively seeing the ways people are blocked from the truth of who they are and helping them move out of those blocks quicker. Using a variety of tools and methods from both in the energetic and therapeutic fields, I offer a unique holistic approach that moves people out of the mental, emotional and energetic blocks that keep them stuck between where they are now and where they want to be. Our work together liberates you from shame and guilt while gently guiding you to realign your energy and purpose with who you really are — from this aligned and centered place, you’ll be able to know what you need, communicate clearly, and live boldly into your deepest purpose.
What types of tools do you use?
I use energy work, IFS, EFT tapping, the Enneagram, Family Constellations, Nonviolent Communication and many other tools I’ve trained extensively in. By using my intuitive insights combined with my previous experience working as a licensed psychotherapist, I am able to offer more of a holistic approach, especially when it comes to serving high performers who have a sensitive side. I support you in developing your own intuition and I also have tools and a channel of insight that can help you make progress a heck of a lot quicker and with less resistance or shame. I’ve seen radical transformations occur in less than an hour that may normally take years in therapy.
How do I determine if a one-on-one or group program is right for me?

There are benefits for both the one-on-one and the Soul School group programs. To understand what you’d like to focus on, the best way to determine which program is right for you, let’s talk. Schedule your free consultation so I can guide you appropriately.

What happens during a session?
Every one of my sessions is different and depends upon the client. I invite you to show up as you are and bring whatever is giving you difficulty. With long-term guidance clients, we often have a project that we are working on over time, such as building confidence for hard conversations or relieving shame around money. I keep track of where my clients are at in their goals and help them stay aligned and make forward progress on their dreams.
To experience some of the magic that can happen in my sessions, you can book a single Magic Session and experience it for yourself!
How are your sessions conducted?
All sessions are conducted online via Zoom, with occasional exceptions. Along with weekly sessions, you’ll also have access to me on WhatsApp or Voxer for concierge care and support.
What results can I expect while working with you?
Results vary and depend on what you want to focus on and how willing you are to show up for yourself and do the work. Generally speaking, my clients have reported the following results after working with me:

Increased trust in their intuition
Better relationships
Better self-care and prioritizing themselves
An absence of plaguing guilt or fears
Less perfectionism and more self-acceptance
Higher ability to just get stuff done instead of analysis paralysis
More awareness of daily joy
Doing what they *actually* want to be doing instead of being yoked to never-ending obligations
Feeling deeply proud of themselves on a regular basis

I’ve accomplished a lot in my life but I’m feeling totally stuck. I have no idea what I want anymore. Can you help?
Yes, absolutely! This is one of my gifts when it comes to guiding clients. The great news is that when you work with me, you’ll not only discover what you really want, but I’ll give you the tools and support to make it happen.
How can I be sure that what I share will stay confidential?
Due to my years of ethics training and experience as a psychotherapist, I know that people’s personal information is deeply sacred. What you share in sessions stays completely confidential.
How long is the commitment?
With most coaches, you are required to sign a six month or twelve month contract. I offer 3- or 6-month guidance contracts because I have found that my clients are able to make massive shifts in as little as three months.
What if I’m not ready to start working one-on-one?
I get it. It takes a lot of courage and energy to do this work, so if you’re not quite ready to embark on a soul journey together, I offer additional resources you can use on your own. You can explore more options and products here.
What if I sign up with you and I’m not satisfied with the results?
Honestly, this has never been the case for any of my clients. I invite my clients to stay honest with me about what’s working for them and what’s not. If something in how we work isn’t helping you move forward, we will collaborate to find the solution. If you are ready and willing to show up for yourself and do the work with me by your side, you will see results. Getting the results you expect may take longer than you anticipated. Many of my clients found that through working with me, they discovered deeper issues and patterns that they were not initially aware of. They also experienced radical transformations once we identified these deeper issues.
Do you offer business coaching?
While what you experience during our sessions will most likely lead to more success in your business or career, I do not offer business consulting or coaching. If you aren’t sure whether you need a business coach or something more expansive, schedule a free consultation with me and I can help you assess your needs, and if appropriate, refer you to some highly qualified business coaches that align with what you are looking to achieve.

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