Deep Thoughts

Book Launch Day!

Join me for the official launch of my new book, Who is in Charge of Your Brain?! At 11:30 AM PT on Friday, September 8, 2017, this video screen *should* become live.  I'll be reading you the full book, complete with some character voices, plus sharing where you can...

Check Your Assumptions

“Well, aren’t you optimistic?” That was the first thing an elderly stranger said to me as I walked into the elevator. It is late September here in the Northwest, and I was wearing short shorts and a tank top with a jacket over it. She had taken it all in with an...

How To Deal When We Don’t Get Along

I offered an online intro class to cover some basics for how to cope when conflict arises. I created this in hopes of supporting you to feel more able to speak up on behalf of your beliefs and create change...without worrying as much about people disagreeing or...

What Happens If You Just Ask

How often do you feel you have to accommodate what's happening in your life? How frequently do you think it's your job to adapt to the situation, rather than asking for someone else to change? As a Good Girls, we will change ourselves and push down our feelings before...

How Quickly Can You Hit the Wall?

Sometimes my job is to help people hit the Wall of Futility with both more expediency and compassion than they would on their own. Hitting the Wall of Futility (an expression I first read in an amazing book called "Parenting Without Power Struggles") is a part of the...

You Need Your Anger

without a healthy arrogance, you end up not fighting for yourself and your ideas. You back down more readily, because you don’t want to start an argument and you don’t want people to think you’re “difficult,” “emotional,” or least of all, “angry.” And this fear of how we are perceived, along with our fear of the conflict that would arise, keeps women from advocating for the changes that we see NEED to happen.

Why Denial Makes Therapy Seem Harder Than It Is

In our culture’s abbreviated manner of dealing with emotional hurt, we hear phrases like “forgive and forget” or “just get over it.” But trust me, that’s not “being an adult,” it’s the Bat Signal for Denial.

Claim Yourself – A client success story

"Rachel, I have to tell you about what's happened since we worked together last spring. The thing I got really clear on was that I didn’t have to change my boyfriend for it to be a good experience. When we talked about leaving him better than I found him, at first I...


what’s been coming up in spades lately is surrender. I remember a friend once evoking it like in the Wizard of Oz, when the witch writes “SURRENDER DOROTHY” with her broom in the sky. That makes me laugh, which helps me surrender.

Let Your Heart Lean In

I got the nudge to visit the naked lady spa tonight. It was 9pm. I was in Eastlake, just leaving my office, and they close at 10. "Really?" I thought to myself. "That seems not quite right. It'll be a lot of money for only a little bit of time." "Go anyway," my inner...

When you fail, you’ll meet yourself.

When you know you’re meeting a friend,

that makes failure much less scary.

I absolutely love my work.

My philosophy is best described in the Ram Dass quote, “We are all just walking each other home.” My clients often comment on feeling safe with me. They appreciate that I don’t ever judge them or put myself “one above” them.

I figure that it’s taken a village to teach me what I know now; what I do is pass along this wisdom and the energy of loving kindness that has been gifted to me. It means more than I can say that I get to help wonderful people toward a deeper sense of themselves – to give them the gift of more presence, self-love, and belonging in the world.