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SUNDAY, May 8, 2022
5:00 – 8:00pm
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Saturday, May 21, 2022
6:00 – 9:00pm
@ Tejas Yoga & Wellness
Chula Vista, CA
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Soul Constellations

with Rachel Alexandria

Come explore the hidden forces that influence your life via Soul and Family Constellations. These forces can appear as health issues, feeling stuck, anxiety or depression, and behavioral issues that affect your career, relationships, finances and overall wellbeing.

What is a Constellations workshop?

Soul and Family Constellations is a phenomenological and therapeutic method of looking at any system (a family, an organization, your own body) using people from the group as representatives. This way we can reveal what is currently TRUE via a 3D experience of the players and their dynamics.

Using this map of the issue, we can figure out where the blockages are and untangle them. This modality helps pinpoint the root cause of systemic problems that have often plagued your family for generations.

By stepping into the “Knowing Field” of the Constellation, you can speak to what’s been unspoken and find opportunities for clarity and deep healing.

What happens during a Constellations workshop?

It can vary based on the group who gathers, but most often, we will start with a group exercise so everyone can have a little taste of connecting to the Knowing Field. Then we progress to individual client Constellations, where there will be one person at a time addressing a concern, and the other attendees will be invited to be Representatives in that client’s Constellation. Representatives can stand in as family members, former partners, colleagues or even non-personal things like body organs or a country of origin or abstract concepts like “Money.”

People who attend often tell me that this work blows their minds or changes their lives, both as a client receiving a Constellation and as a Representative. I facilitate because doing this work, I believe, allows us to encounter aspects of the Divine, through finding deep truth and experiencing loving connections that have survived even death.

All of this will be well-explained and facilitated in a safe and non-judgmental way by trained Constellations Facilitator Rachel Alexandria. All participation is voluntary during the entire workshop, and this group provides a safe space where all that is shared is held as confidential and sacred.

Why Does This Work ?

Through the centuries of human history, you can find examples of people honoring their ancestors. People often talk about how a child looks like a great grandfather, or how someone reminds them of behaviors of a past elder.

Science is now starting to be able to explain that we DO, in fact, carry more than just looks and preferences from our ancestors.* We also carry their trauma. It can alter our genes and shape our behaviors. And when we are burdened with that baggage, we don’t have much room for their blessings.

Through Constellations work, we can connect with the energy of your family through YOU and resource your ancestors so you can let go of their baggage. Then you will be free to receive their blessings to prosper beyond what they could do.

* Reference:How Trauma Is Carried Across Generations

Reviews from Clients

"Wow, this is like spiritual improv."


"This blew my mind. I got so much insight in that short amount of time. OMG, this was amazing."


Meet your Facilitator

Soul Constellations are facilitated by Rachel Alexandria, MFA, MA Former psychotherapist turned metaphysical teacher Certified Constellations Facilitator since 2010 by the Seattle Constellations Institute.

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