Woman Overboard!

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Woman Overboard!

Six Ways Women Avoid Conflict and One Way to Live Drama-Free

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So many of the problems that arise in relationships (of any kind) can be attributed to the avoidance of conflict. Rachel’s system for managing conflict and confrontation is a godsend. Shannon Lagasse

Emotional Eating Expert, Health & Happiness Coach

You won’t get bogged down trying to figure out where the book is going and how this applies to your life. Quite the contrary, as Rachel Alexandria takes you on a smooth yet profound ride into the journey of life. ‘Woman Overboard!’ isn’t just about improving your life with others, it’s about improving your life with yourself. Josh Becker

Speaker, Author, Mindfulness Teacher

Rachel Alexandria is a soul surgeon who uses her compassion, education, and experience to identify and excise the problem women have with conflict. ‘Woman Overboard!’ is warm, direct, practical and helpful. Much like the woman herself. This recovering ‘Good Girl’ can’t wait to read it again! Leslie Irish Evans

Author of Peeling Mom Off the Ceiling

‘Woman Overboard!’ takes a tough subject like conflict and makes it approachable…and even fun. This book feels like you’re having a conversation with your smartest girlfriend who has fantastic advice about your most difficult relationships. Rachel Alexandria has developed an innovative and practical method that truly helps women navigate the rough waters of conflict. Michelle Mazur, Ph.D.

CEO of Communication Rebel

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About the Book

Every woman wants to be well-liked, but in trying to please everyone and prevent hurt feelings, we often end up creating the very drama we were seeking to avoid. In this book you will learn:

  • How escaping awareness about our needs that are in conflict with other people’s needs leads us into mind-numbing overwhelm.
  • Why distracting from difficult conversations keeps us confused and powerless to change the situation.
  • How we beat ourselves up to try to conform to what other people expect of us and yet still never manage to adapt enough to make everyone happy.
  • Why trying to “Nice-over” your irritations leads to the exact type of teeth-clenching passive-aggression that everyone hates.
  • How not taking accountability for getting your needs met leads you to blaming others and perpetuating the drama cycle.
  • Why all of these unsuccessful avoidance techniques ultimately lead to completely disconnecting from the truth of who you are and walking through life shut down.
  • And most importantly, how to take your happiness into your own hands by stopping the drama and self-sabotage and speaking up with power, authenticity and compassion.

This book is for women who are ready to disarm their triggers around conflict and step fully into their personal and professional leadership. Psychotherapist Rachel Alexandria guides readers to free themselves of resentments and bring their clear desires into the light.

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About the Author

Psychotherapist Rachel Rose Alexandria teaches women how to get clear of their caretaking and conflict avoidance, and start leading the brilliant lives they are meant to live.

Trusted by clients and fans as a therapist who walks her talk, Rachel helps visionaries find their emotional center and personal power in the midst of inner turmoil.

Rachel has a MA in Applied Behavioral Sciences from Bastyr University, and an MFA in Poetry from University of Florida. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Washington State.

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I am so happy that this ‘gold mine’ material is finally in book form and accessible to the world. As a recovering ‘Good Girl’ who directly coaches many women, I can tell you that Rachel has created a profound process that guides women to understanding what happens inside of them during triggering events and potential difficult situations so that ‘conflict’ (or the idea of it) no longer has to be so debilitating or all consuming of our energy. I will be giving my clients this book. ‘Woman Overboard!’ is an easy read full of takeaways, wisdom, reflective space, and workable strategies. Her descriptions and drawings hit home and her process is unique and groundbreaking. As someone who’s intimately known her work (I’ve been through the process myself) I can tell you she’s the real deal and her work is indeed healing. Regena Garrepy

CEO of Reclaim Your Essence and the Bye-Bye Good Girl Getaways

Average women let money stress them out and do not face their fear of anger, which results in suffering and drama. Affluent women find peace of mind and harmony around money. The Self-Rescue System that Rachel Alexandria teaches in her book ‘Woman Overboard!’ demolishes the belief that ‘anger is bad’ and helps you stand your ground when managing conflict. This is important because our relationships around money and wealth, and what we experience as a result, are no different in the fundamentals than how we find success in our other associations: it takes communication, which leads to intimacy, and intimacy is what leads to success. I’ll be recommending this book as a supplement to my affluent female clients. Dianne Juhl

CEO and Founder, The Feminine Face of Money

I absolutely love my work.

My philosophy is best described in the Ram Dass quote, “We are all just walking each other home.” I teach what has opened up my own heart and grounded my own power. My favorite thing is helping people change what they believe about the world and themselves, so that their BELIEFS fuel them to get what they want (recognition, clients, money, love, respect, etc)!  This is the most powerful thing I’ve ever learned to do, because from a state of truly believing in your ability, everything is now possible. You can’t SEE or RECEIVE what you don’t BELIEVE.

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You can Schedule a Free Phone Consultation, if you’d like to chat on the phone first, or you can Schedule Your First 90-minute Session.

The courage to engage in difficult conversations is easier when you feel more skilled and confident about your ability to have a productive conversation. ‘Woman Overboard!’ is a useful and practical tool to not only gain the courage you need, but also gives you the real life applicable skills to navigate the stormy waters of your toughest of conversations. Sara Harvey Yao

Author of Get Present: Simple Strategies to Get Out of Your Head and Lead More Powerfully

‘Woman Overboard!’ is a long overdue conversation for all women. It is the conversation of reclaiming our Self and living whole and confidently free in the world! Every woman (and the men who love them) of every age should read this! I can’t wait to own a copy and use it with my clients. Loretta Crawford Kissel

Artistic Systems Therapist and CCO of Spirals of Freedom Healing Arts Center

Rachel Alexandria has beautiful clarity in her writing and illustrations which makes ‘Woman Overboard!’ an excellent resource for untangling or uncovering what’s in the way of experiencing clarity for yourself. Her Self-Rescue System is a powerful yet easy to grasp process that can help you get yourself aligned with your Core Self and move forward with grace and confidence. Isn’t that what we all want? Jack Stephens

Author of Soul Self: How to Tame Your Mind, Uncover Your Blueprint, and Live Your Soul Purpose