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Tapping for Your Type

Enneagram + Meridian Points

You Know Your Type. Great, Now What? Have You Heard of Emotional Freedom Technique, or Tapping? Tapping is a simple tool you can use to quickly shift your experience from stuck, frustrated, upset, depressed, or angry to feeling inner peace and self-compassion.

Meditation Tracks

Refocus, Reframe and Replenish

These meditation tracks will help you to draw in positive relationships, create wellness and harmony, help you reconnect to your center, and get on the track for a happier, healthier future self.

Who Is In Charge of Your Brain?

An Illustrated Mind-Hack

Keep this friendly mind-hack on your office desk, coffee table, or nightstand as a conscious reminder to be kind to yourself. Gift it to friends and family to share the joy you’ve found from being in charge of your brain! Read More

Woman Overboard!

Six Ways Women Avoid Conflict and One Way to Live Drama-Free

This book is for women who are ready to disarm their triggers around conflict and step fully into their personal and professional leadership. Psychotherapist Rachel Alexandria guides readers to free themselves of resentments and bring their clear desires into the light. Read More

Tapping Made Easy

How to Uncover Your Deep Truths and Heal

EFT tapping can bring you profound relief from anxiety, depression, brain fog, stress and more, but most people don’t know how to continue the practice on their own. They only benefit when tapping along with a practitioner.

This is why I wrote this guide. It makes tapping at home easier. It helps you understand what tapping is, how to do it, and what to say that will bring you support and relief.

Tapping Made Easy digital cover

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