Who Is In Charge of Your Brain?

( An Illustrated Mind-Hack )

What causes our depression and anxiety? And what can we do about it? This little book takes you step by step, through drawings, to show you what’s happening in your head when you’re stuck in self-defeating patterns. Learn about the traps you get caught in and how to get out.

This book will illustrate how to:

  • Stop letting the critical voices in your head beat you up.
  • Keep your mind more focused and feel more clear and calm.
  • Stop negative thought patterns.
  • Give yourself more love and acceptance.

Keep this friendly mind-hack on your office desk, coffee table, or nightstand as a conscious reminder to be kind to yourself. Gift it to friends and family to share the joy you’ve found from being in charge of your brain!

Reviews from Clients

"I love this book. Anytime I feel myself going down the rabbit hole of “Who do you think you’re kidding? You should be doing more!” I take out this book and remind myself of who is *REALLY* in charge. It’s a quick, fun read anytime I need it."

Dr. Michelle Mazur

"I loved this book. It was fun, simple, clear without dumbing down the concepts. Really enjoyable and helpful. And the drawings are fun! Don’t underestimate the value of eye candy like this!"

Mark Silver

"I loved it! It simplified what took me years (and yourself included) to even get a grasp of. The drawings make it so accessible and non-academic. It also leaves possibility of change open, which is critical."

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