You Know Your Enneagram Type…Now What?

Discovering your Enneagram type is exciting. It can also feel painful, especially when you learn about your type’s challenges. It’s like someone discovered all your worst traits and broadcast them to the world. It can make you feel ashamed, frustrated, and powerless. After all, you can’t change your Enneagram type, right?

Feel Better About Being YOU

It isn’t about changing your Enneagram type. It is about feeling good being who you are, which means feeling validated, less alone, and more self-accepting. These Enneagram tapping videos can help.

The videos will help you to better understand your type and those of others. They’ll bring you a deep sense of inner peace, and they’ll plant self-acceptance suggestions into your subconscious. Change will feel so much easier. You’ll be working with your type instead of fighting it.

Not sure what your Enneagram type is? Click here.

Get Relief In Minutes

Tapping is a super easy tool you can use to quickly shift your emotions from shame, judgement, self-blame, frustration, depression, or anger to feeling inner peace and self-compassion. It’s like emotional acupressure and it works in mere minutes. When you use it regularly, you’ll feel better for longer periods of time. You’ll feel greater self-acceptance, relaxation, hope, and clarity

Check out a sample tapping video. If you like what you see, click the buy button. You’ll get five more issue-specific videos for your Enneagram type. You can watch or listen to them as often as you want, and tap along any time you want to feel less triggered and more at ease in the moment.

Thousands have enjoyed and grown from tapping for their type along with these videos. If you try them for five days and decide they aren’t for you, we will refund 100% of your money.

Type 1

Often 1s feel frustrated with other people not doing things right and they have a hard time relaxing because they are always picking up everyone else’s slack. They even lose sleep over not getting all the things done. After tapping along with these videos, 1s feel more relaxed, present, and joyful.

Type 2

Most 2s have a hard time saying no and setting boundaries. They feel guilty if they aren’t helping, even if it means sacrificing their own needs. After tapping along with these videos, 2s feel more at peace and able to put themselves first.

Type 3

Many 3s experience being lonely at the top and strive for constant success. They don’t even think about taking breaks or relaxing until they’ve lost their edge or are facing burnout. After tapping along with these videos, 3s feel both more energized and relaxed, ready to take on their next challenge.

Type 4

Often 4s feel alone in their feelings and paralyzed by introspection. They struggle with feeling like they are “too much” for other people. After tapping along with these videos, 4s feel more grounded and centered and able to accept things as they are.

Type 5

Most 5s feel like people don’t get them. They feel isolated and exhausted easily, sometimes struggling to take care of their health. After doing these tapping exercises, 5s feel more energized and able to get the connection they crave.

Type 6

Often 6s feel overwhelmed by tracking so much that others don’t. They are searching for answers, but find it hard to know what or who to trust. After tapping along with these videos, 6s feel like the world stops spinning and they get clarity.

Type 7

Most 7s struggle with juggling too many things and end up not having enough time for themselves. They feel stressed and anxious about letting people down and not getting everything done. After tapping along with these videos, 7s feel centered, calm, and supported.

Type 8

Most 8s feel the need to be extremely self-reliant and do everything themselves. They have a hard time being vulnerable and often feel unsupported. After tapping along with these videos, 8s feel more at ease and trust that things will be okay.

Type 9

Often 9s feel confused by the world and overwhelmed by choices. They shy away from conflict and hide their needs so they don’t make waves. After tapping along with these videos, 9s feel more confident and worthy of being seen.

Reviews from Clients

“Beyond worth it. You gave words to a part of myself that was really repressed. So repressed I would have never thought to tap on it. There is just so much loneliness and heartache there so it’s great to have that safe space to tap on it. And you hold such amazing space too so it makes it even more healing. Very very powerful work.”

Facebook comment

"I found Rachel’s tapping videos at a time of deep heartache and loss. As an enneagram 7, I find it terrifying to feel these feelings fully, but I was being forced to face my demons. I found incredible comfort in the tapping videos and noticed that they were the only thing at the time that brought grounded relief for me. I was able to experience the pain while also self-nurturing and healing. I couldn’t recommend the practice of tapping & Rachel’s guidance more. It is such a gift to us all!"

Sarajane Case

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