“I was praying to The Universe to hook me up with this promotion, but then I started feeling guilty. Like plenty of people have it so much worse than me…I probably shouldn’t be so greedy.”

Do you ever feel like The Universe (or God or Spirit or whatever greater thing you believe in) is too busy for your meager problems?

With my clients, the question comes up, what right do I have to ask Spirit for such a small thing? This isn’t life or death; this is a privileged person’s problem.”

My response is you have EVERY right to speak up for your needs and desires with Spirit itself.

Making requests does not make you a selfish or bad person. The thing we want to look out for is feeling ENTITLED to get everything you want.


gif of a cartoon bunny making a sad and shy face with a thought bubble with text reading "can i... ask... for this?"Credit: SimonSuperRabbit


When working with Spirit, it helps to not think of them like an authority figure. It’s not like your mom or dad who is going to get annoyed if you ask for too many toys. Spirit doesn’t have the human issues of judgement or impatience.

In actuality, WE tend to put judgement and impatience on our own needs and requests.

We often have inherited our parents’ feelings around how much we are allowed to ask for, and we end up believing Spirit feels the same way.

Instead of presuming we are being judged for what we ask The Universe for, we can try to choose a different perspective.

Try asking the part of you who presumes judgement to stand aside or take a seat for a bit. Try remembering that we have a word for unexpected and sometimes unfathomable gifts because they can and do happen.

They’re called miracles. And you are always allowed to ask for them, big and small.


gif with a purple swirly background and a white circle in the middle with text reading "You always have permission to ask for miracles"


There is no limit on what you can ask for.

…And let’s talk in the next post about finding acceptance for what we receive.



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