One of the biggest factors in an existential crisis is feeling disconnected from your own soul or heart.

When you haven’t been listening to your heart for a long time, you can start to feel empty. You may notice most things don’t bring you a sense of pleasure or fulfillment anymore. Buying pretty things and taking vacations and eating delicious food just don’t bring you the kind of joy you hoped for.

To come back to your joy means you have to allow in the suffering and hurt that you’ve been tuning out.

The only way to find joy again, ironically, is to start listening to your heart — to hear about all its complicated sadnesses and pains and yearns. We cannot selectively listen to our hearts. Emotions are not a buffet where we can choose what gets to be on the plate. Everything in our hearts needs witnessing and compassion.

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Coming back into your heart can be very painful, but valuable information lives there. The world we grew up in didn’t teach us how to do this, but you CAN learn to reverse the cycle of tuning out that is making you feel hollow.

I regularly take a small group through tools to reconnect with the critical parts of your SELF, and we practice together so you can build the muscle of listening to yourself first. It’s called Soul School and if it feels like the right fit for you, I’d love have you join us for the journey within.

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There’s lot of meat on the bones here in Soul School, not empty affirmations or trick hacks. You’ll get both knowledge and applicable tools for how to do things differently, all taken from effective psychological methods.

At least 50% of the time in Soul School is dedicated to putting what you’ve learned into action. Our students are successful because we teach them to move information from just knowledge in their brains (aka trivia) to applied effort (aka skill-building)

Turn what you’ve learned into actual habits that you will repeat again. We call this “unconscious competence,” meaning you’re good at a skill without even having to think about it!

After working with me and your group in Soul School, you’ll feel more confident, fight the right battles and be in control of your life. The results of us working together? You’ll find your way to what you really want and have the courage to step up and into what you are called here to do, so you experience more joy, more excitement and a deeper sense of purpose in your day to day life.

Apply for Soul School here.


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