If you’ve been reading my posts for a while, you know I’ve always got some personal growth “thing” that I’m working on…and what’s been coming up in spades lately is surrender. I remember a friend once evoking it like in the Wizard of Oz, when the witch writes “SURRENDER DOROTHY” with her broom in the sky. That makes me laugh, which helps me surrender. I hear it from my angels, and from the world and from all of you messengers, whether you are aware or not.

Surrender because we love you.
Surrender because you cannot do it alone.
Surrender because you are held.
Surrender because that’s how the magic creeps in.
Surrender because you just don’t need to hold on to that old, tired story anymore.
Surrender to how you can “do you” differently.
Surrender what you wanted, strived for, tried to force into being that is
 Just. Not. Being.
So that there is great, gorgeous, open-hearted space for what we’ve been knocking on your door, trying to deliver.

Yes, thank you. I love you.

How does surrender enter into your life?
 Is it as hard for you as it has been for me? #GoodGirlsDon’t stop striving. 
#GoodGirlsDon’t surrender.

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