“It’s so hard to tell if that’s my intuition or my fear!! How do I really know if this is a message from my Soul? What if I’m just overthinking it, like always?”

My client raised a critical point here. We don’t have much training in this modern world on how to tap into, understand, and TRUST our intuition. So many folks have a really hard time telling the difference between their head and their gut…and Spirit itself.


gif off a cartoon dog looking very worried. His brain is flashing and his stomach is rumbly


The truth is that learning the differences takes time and practice, like any other skill. But here’s one benchmark you can look for:

If it’s from Spirit, it will feel calm.

If something feels super heightened or intense, that’s much more likely to be based out of feelings of fear or anger. But when information truly comes from Something Greater (your Soul, Spirit, the Universe or however you call it), it’s going to come through with more neutrality.

Of course, the way you might react to hearing this information with a lot of feelings—sometimes the messages from Spirit bring up changes we don’t want to face and then we get scared. That secondary reaction could muddy your interpretation of how it originally felt.

This is why I begin my Soul School teachings with the Power Pause, because it’s so critical for better understanding yourself and your own deeper wisdom. I wrote a more detailed post about using that Power Pause to check in on your reactions, which you can read here.


image of a purple sunset with reeds slowly blowing in the breeze. A gold circle in the middle surrounds text reading "if it's from spirit, it's calm."


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