Unless you’ve been living under a grey rock, you’ve heard about the “Great Resignation.”

It’s the global phenomenon where people began leaving their jobs en masse in 2021. We are, collectively, tired of not be treated right, of being taken for granted, and of not being respected.

Essentially, everyone is feeling incredibly burned out. 

Yes, we are living in a time where a lot of things are falling apart. It’s like the tower card in the Tarot — it looks like a lot of destruction and chaos. But it’s also a time where we are being called to let what’s unsustainable fall apart so we can create something better.

And in your personal life, you likely are juggling too many things and trying to fit your mental and spiritual health in there somewhere, but you mostly run out of time or energy.

Overall, burnout comes from a need for better boundaries.

We have to hold strong boundaries with the outside world AND we have to create the boundaries we need in our personal lives.


No Boundaries = Burnout

For example, do you have a job with undefined work hours? You’re just generally supposed to get it all done in a reasonable amount of time? Without proper internal boundaries, that creates a lot of stress because you’re trying to live up to unclear expectations.

Who determines what is “reasonable”?

It’s gotta be YOU, my friend. You need to set appropriate, reasonable, achievable expectations for yourself with your time and energy.

You get to decide when you hit your limit. You get to decide what you can and can’t accept, and that starts with exploring, knowing, and then speaking your boundaries.

You can start with sitting down and making a list of what’s burning you out. Set the things beyond your control into one basket, and things you CAN control into another. Now see if there’s just ONE thing you can modify on the second list that would give you some breathing room.

Need help going through this process?

My clients report they have a much easier time doing this work in collaboration with me. If you want someone to walk with you through getting out of your own burnout and setting boundaries that actually make you HAPPY, book a consult with me here.


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