Before you step onto the train, or the Embankment Station, as they call it in the U.K., a voice comes over the intercom saying, “Mind the Gap.” It essentially means watch out for the space between the station platform and the train as it’s coming.

This is a useful metaphor for the space between being stagnant and getting moving. Many folks lately are feeling stuck around just getting stuff done. When you’re stuck like this, it feels really frustrating!

Have you ever wanted to act and then you just… didn’t?


gif of a cartoon dog with its eyes closed shaking its head side to side and holding a sign that says "NO"


Whether it’s cleaning your closet, joining a gym, making a phone call, or signing up for a course or coaching program, sometimes we have the best intentions, yet we can’t seem to move.

Why is that happening?

When we are feeling overwhelmed (or tired or scared or anxious), the brain’s default response is to avoid change. This is often the “fight, flight, freeze, or fawn” reaction you may have heard of.

These default reactions are how the brain and our nervous system try to keep us safe.  When stuck in a difficult feeling, our brain tells us,

“Change is unknown and scary” and no matter how much you want to will yourself into action, it doesn’t happen.

First of all, I want to tell you this — it’s okay.
This is very human.
Everyone gets waylaid by seemingly simple tasks when they feel too burdened or overwhelmed.

So if this speaks to what you’re feeling right now, take a breath. No, really, stop and take a nice, deep breath and let it out. Look around your room and presence yourself in your body in this moment. Notice a few colors in the room.


gif of an animated elephant standing in front of a rainbow and raising his trunk as the words "breath in" go across the screen. He lowers his trunk as the words "breath out" go across the screen.


Once you feel a bit more HERE, you can try these steps out.

Here’s how to mind that gap and move into action:

1. Accept exactly where you are and all your emotions.  Thank your inner protector for wanting to keep you safe, and then make room to let the feelings come to the surface. Write or move or sing or cry. Find a way to let it out in a safe space.

2. Challenge your thoughts by choosing gratitude. Say in your mind or write out 3 “get to’s” instead of “have to’s.” Example: I get to move my beautiful body, instead of “I really have to go to the gym.”

3. Clear some headspace by talking to a trusted guide. Working through the stuck feelings of your gap will free up your creativity, and help you get into action.

As a Soul Medic, I use part science, part psychology, part art, and a hint of magic to guide you to uncover the answers you’ve been searching for. A Magic Session might be just what you need to break through.

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