Tapping Made Easy (DIGITAL)


So you’ve discovered EFT tapping and how it can bring you profound relief from anxiety, depression, brain fog, stress and more. You love how it makes you feel better, but you’ve only gotten benefits from tapping along with a practitioner. You’d like to use it on your own, in the privacy of your home, to deal with issues as they come up. But you find that tapping on your own doesn’t seem to work as well. You aren’t sure you’re doing it right, and you often get lost and can’t figure out what the right words are that will bring the good tears, deep breaths, and relief.

This is why we’ve made this guide for you. This is a guide to help make tapping at home easier. It helps you understand what tapping is, how to do it, and what to say that will bring you support and relief.

26 pages. Digital copy will be sent to your email with your receipt.

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Love the relief you get from EFT tapping, but have a hard time figuring out what to say on your own?

Tried tapping a couple of times and want to know more about how to make it work for you?

You’re gonna love Tapping Made Easy.

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