I got the nudge to visit the naked lady spa tonight. It was 9pm. I was in Eastlake, just leaving my office, and they close at 10.

“Really?” I thought to myself. “That seems not quite right. It’ll be a lot of money for only a little bit of time.”

“Go anyway,” my inner voice said. (“Alright, fuck it, I’ll go,” is what I said back.)

Twenty minutes later, I’m heating up in the Salt Room and reflecting on a Constellation I just had done yesterday, on my relationship with money (and abundance and romantic love and…)

I had some useful thoughts, and got another nudge to go into the Sand Room, with 15 minutes before they closed the spa. So I did, and warmed up my right side now that my left was cooked.

There was my message. I saw my heart literally leaning into a pile of money and it became all juicy and happy and warm, and so did the money. I tried it with romantic love, and the same thing happened.

My heart was so grateful…that’s all it had been yearning for, for weeks or months now…for me to allow it to just relax in the arms of something greater. Yes, like Love. Yes, like Money. Yes, like Vitality. All these concepts, they’re just Love wearing different clothes.

This is the message and I wanted to write it as clearly as I could, because I know what this sounds like when you or I am cold and grouchy and not connected, so here it is as cleanly as I can perceive it right now:

Whatever you want, let your heart lean into it. Money, or Love, or Health, or Sunshine? Yes. Let your heart lean in and rest in Its arms.

When we yearn, we often get scared. Scared that what we want won’t come, that we’ll be sad and disappointed. That it will hurt. And that makes us pull our hearts away until money is only paper and love is cheesy songs. It’s our hearts that make it all come alive.

And processing all this, I came to a stop light, looked up and saw the Jiffy Lube sign on Holman Road. It said, bizzarely and perfectly, “Leave worry behind.”

Oh, yes, Spirit. My mouth is open, wide open to you.

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