Feel Comfortable Being The Real You

Enneagram Type 9

  • Do you have a hard time making decisions?
  • Do you spend most of your time trying to keep other people happy?
  • Do you prefer not to think about things that make you uncomfortable?

About This Series

Using tapping, you can shift your judgment of your inner challenges and ease struggle with your type’s unique challenges and sore spots. In a series of 5 short videos, we dive into your Enneagram type frustrations and tap to bring relief in all your major life arenas. All you have to do is tap along, repeat after me, and allow the positive shift to happen. You’ll be amazed at how you feel even better about being YOU!

5 Videos. 5 Focus Areas:

  • Career + Contribution
  • Friends + Social Life
  • Sex + Love Relationships
  • Wellness + Health
  • Spiritual + Life Path

What You Get

  • 5 More Tapping Videos
  • “How to Tap” WalkThrough Video
  • More than 60 Minutes of Content
  • Tapping on Major Life Areas
  • Unlimited, Lifetime Access

Try A Sample of Tapping for Type 9 Below

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Use the Tapping for Type 9 video series to quickly shift your experience from confused, stressed, ashamed, frustrated, scared, and depressed to feeling inner peace and self-compassion. It’s like emotional acupressure and it works in just minutes.

Want access to more than just your type?

Connecting Points Bundle

Buy your three-pack of Type 9, PLUS your connecting points of Type 3 and Type 6 and get a 53% discount.

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Buy the whole set of Tapping for Your Type videos (54 videos total covering all 9 Enneagram Types) and get a 51% discount.

Reviews from Clients

“Beyond worth it. You gave words to a part of myself that was really repressed. So repressed I would have never thought to tap on it. There is just so much loneliness and heartache there so it’s great to have that safe space to tap on it. And you hold such amazing space too so it makes it even more healing. Very very powerful work.”

Facebook comment

"I found Rachel’s tapping videos at a time of deep heartache and loss. As an enneagram 7, I find it terrifying to feel these feelings fully, but I was being forced to face my demons. I found incredible comfort in the tapping videos and noticed that they were the only thing at the time that brought grounded relief for me. I was able to experience the pain while also self-nurturing and healing. I couldn’t recommend the practice of tapping & Rachel’s guidance more. It is such a gift to us all!"

Sarajane Case


Organized, efficient, justice-oriented. Building patience and compassion for myself and others. I’m more worthy than I thought.


Relational, helpful, giving. Building healthy boundaries as an act of self-love. I can give myself love first.


Active, trendy, goal-oriented. Building my ability to listen inward for my authentic desires. I am good enough as-is.


Unique, funny, artistic. Building my ability to be present with feelings and not driven by them. I value the rarity of my depth.


The brains, observing it all, deep system thinker. Building my embodiment practices. I trust my wisdom in action.


Trusted leader among the people, skeptical, goofy. Building my ability to be in charge of my brain. I can be safe with myself.


Optimist, adventurer, FOMO. Building my ability to stay centered. All my feelings are worth my time.


Powerful, trusting my gut, boss. Building connection as the salve. My love is my greatest power.


Go with the flow, immovable, big-time-chill on the outside. Building my voice to effect change. I am worth being seen.

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