We are living in unpredictable and difficult times. There is so much we haven’t been taught to do that we need in order to stay healthy and have our energy flowing well. Stuff like shedding what doesn’t belong to us, including what I’m calling “ghost anxiety, “ which is anxious energy that isn’t coming from you, but that low-key affects you all of the time.

As an empath and a highly sensitive person, I’m easily affected by other people’s suffering. You probably are, too. More than you know.

It’s how humans are built — it’s in our DNA that we are social creatures who mirror emotions without even consciously knowing it.

And the more sensitive you are, the more you’re impacted by seeing what’s up with others and the energy of the room or the world. Sensitive soul types must do internal work to keep clearing themselves of what they pick up all around them. We are sponges who need to be cleaned every day.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, sluggish, depressed, and like every day is a slog and you’re so far away from your normal shiny self, you are not alone!

In this short workshop, I’m offering a car wash for your soul.
Let me show you how to release what isn’t yours to carry and protect yourself from picking up other people’s suffering in your nervous system.


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