💭 “I really want that ice cream cone?”

🙅🏽‍♀️ “No, I shouldn’t have it. It’s too late at night. I’m already full. I won’t feel good afterwards…”

💭 “Omg, I did something so embarrassing in that meeting! I’d better message everyone to apologize.

🙅🏽‍♀️ “Love, don’t do that. It wasn’t THAT big a deal. I’m probably overreacting…”


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Do you ever feel like you have internal arguments with yourself?

Sometimes you’re happy about who wins and sometimes it’s the proverbial little devil on your shoulder who gets what they want.

What if I told you that there’s a whole scientifically-validated, trauma-informed method for stopping those internal fights?

It’s called IFS, or Internal Family SystemsIt was created by Dr. Richard Schwartz, a psychologist who developed the method while working with patients struggling with eating disorders. He saw clearly that they felt very divided about their actions, but felt unable to change their patterns. 


image with purple background and a gold circle with text inside reading "IFS enables you to collaborate with different 'parts' of yourself without the battle"


IFS creates a way for people to engage with their different “parts” of themselves without the battle. With this method, we can interrupt the internal conflict and slow down to explore what is the motivation driving each of these parts. Eventually, we can befriend and mediate with the warring parts to end the conflict for good.

Rather than feeling the push pull on the inside, you can learn to take the role of thoughtful CEO of your inner company. You can listen and tend to the different parts to help them get what they need.

When our parts 
feel listened to, they relax.

When our parts feel cared for, they come to trust us.

When our parts collaborate instead of feud, we feel more whole.


gif of four stick figures wearing different colored tops all looking at each other and having their own idea bubbles over their heads. Then their idea bubbles combine and make one big light bulb and then they high five each otherCredit: MURAL

Learning to cooperate with yourself instead of fighting an inner feud takes skills training and time. IFS is useful for pretty much everyone, but it can be challenging to figure out all on your own.

That’s why I teach the basics of IFS and help you learn to apply it to your own parts in my group program, Soul School.

If you want less internal conflict and to feel more whole, you will love what you learn in Soul School. You can find out more here.

To your wholeness.


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