Tapping for Your Enneagram Type (Simplifiers Podcast)

You Know Your Enneagram Type…Now What?

Discovering your Enneagram type is exciting. It can also feel painful, especially when you learn about your type’s challenges. It’s like someone discovered all your worst traits and broadcast them to the world. It can make you feel ashamed, frustrated, and powerless. After all, you can’t change your Enneagram type, right?

Feel Better About Being YOU 

It isn’t about changing your Enneagram type. It IS about feeling good being who you are, which means feeling validated, less alone, and more self-accepting. These Enneagram tapping videos can help.

The videos will help you to better understand your type and those of others. They’ll bring you a deep sense of inner peace, and they’ll plant growth suggestions into your subconscious. Change will feel so much easier. You’ll be working with your type instead of fighting it.

Get Relief In Minutes 

Tapping is a super easy tool you can use to quickly shift your emotions from shame, judgement, self-blame, frustration, depression, or anger to feeling inner peace and self-compassion. It’s like emotional acupressure and it works in mere minutes. When you use it regularly, you’ll feel better for longer periods of time. You’ll feel greater self-acceptance, relaxation, hope, and clarity.

Check out a sample tapping video. If you like what you see, click the buy button. You’ll get five more issue-specific videos for your Enneagram type. You can watch or listen to them as often as you want, and tap along any time you want to feel less triggered and more at ease in in the moment.

Thousands have enjoyed and grown from tapping for their type along with these videos. If you try them for five days and decide they aren’t for you, we will refund 100% of your money.


Organized, efficient, justice-oriented. Building patience and compassion for myself and others. I’m more worthy than I thought.


Relational, helpful, giving. Building healthy boundaries as the best way to love myself. Giving myself love first.


Active, trendy, goal-oriented. Building my ability to listen inward for my authentic desires. I am good enough as-is.


Unique, funny, artistic. Building my ability to be present with feelings and not driven by them. I value the rarity of my depth.


The brains, observing it all, deep system thinker. Building my embodiment practices. I trust my wisdom in action.


Trusted leader among the people, skeptical, goofy. Building my ability to be in charge of my brain. I can be safe with myself.


Optimist, adventurer, FOMO. Building my ability to circle the wagons. All my feelings are worth my time.


Powerful, trusting my gut, boss. Building connection as the salve. My love is my greatest power.


Go with the flow, immovable, big-time-chill on the outside. Building my voice to effect change. I am worth being seen.

If you’re looking for clarity on your true self and wanting a simple tool to help you figure out your next (right) steps in life, Tapping for Your Type is the answer!
Mary, Type 2w3

Host , The Simplifiers Podcast

Oh, man. THIS ROCKED MY WORLD. This was so powerful.
Elisheva Schwartz

Type 5, Dyslexia Quest

I really enjoyed this video. Being a type 4, I find this resource very helpful to get connected with who I am at the core. It reminds me not to be so hard on myself for feeling deeply, and to be ok with things just as they are. Perfection! Thank you!
Suzette West

Type 4, Wild Hearts Rising

OMG, I have goosebumps EVERYWHERE. This is amazing. You are reading my mind! And I am crying now. ‘I honor the conflict in this for me even though it pisses me off…’ Heartsplosion!
Dr. Angela Lauria

Type 8, The Author Incubator

About The Creator

Former psychotherapist Rachel Alexandria, MA, MFA, has been studying and teaching the Enneagram since 2006. When she discovered the transformative effects of tapping, it was only a matter of time before she combined the two like peanut butter and chocolate! After she uploaded her first series of free Enneagram tapping videos to YouTube, people around the world have experienced relief and felt deeply seen in their type experience.

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