Retrain your brain
to turn your inner bully into a friend.

A four-part guide to turn your harsh inner critic into your personal champion.

Jen describes herself as a highly attuned person, always paying attention to the needs of others. As a corporate attorney, she’s one of the first people to arrive and the last to leave. When asked about her job, Jen enjoys her work, but often speaks with dread about showing up at team meetings.

The constant stream of critical thoughts entered her head,

  • “I know the least of anyone here. Everyone else is so much more experienced..”
  • “I think I talked too much in that meeting. Everyone probably thinks I’m an idiot..”
  • “What if I get fired because my bosses think I’m not working hard enough?”
  • “I’ll never be as smart as my coworkers!”

The inner critic has a job, and it truly believes it’s doing a good one. By warning and critiquing, always holding the measuring stick, the inner critic shapes our behaviors with harshness. While it tries to prevent mistakes and messiness, when the inner critic runs the show, much like in Jen’s case, the brain is operating in fear of making a mistake.

Jen remembered when her parents made her stay up late to study after getting a B on a test. Her unconscious mind remembered when her mom called her lazy for not cleaning up her room. Jen wasn’t even aware that her brain was operating in this pattern. She is doing the best she knows how, and despite the evidence of being respected by her coworkers, most clients, and higher ups.

She was still living in fear of what people thought.

It wasn’t until Jen learned how to catch her critic in the act and break the pattern that her operating system changed. She stopped saying, “I’m not good enough” and started saying things like:

  • “I’m learning everyday just like everyone else.”
  • “It’s okay to make a mistake.”
  • “There is nothing to prove. I’m proud of myself for trying!”

Part psychology, part science and part art with a hint of magic to pause and pull love forward.

Jen’s story isn’t an uncommon cycle of behavior. I believe in using part psychology, part science, and part art with a hint of magic to give you the exact tools and strategies to change your internal bully into an internal support. It’s the same protocol I’ve used with hundreds of clients in my previous years as a licensed psychotherapist.

The problem with a lot of traditional therapy is that it often focuses on the past without a concrete plan forward that actually creates change.With the 4-part bundle, you’ll be able to name your critic, name your emotions, and reframe how you speak to yourself. I’ll give YOU all the tools and strategies to take charge of your life beyond coaching or therapy.

According to research by Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, “Over 40 million Americans have a diagnosable anxiety disorder, 40% of people report they felt more anxious than last year, and 70% report that anxiety and depression are a “major problem” amongst peers.”

In a survey conducted by Accountemps, the world’s first and largest specialized staffing service, more than 1 in 4 people responded that making a mistake on the job was their greatest workplace fear.

According to an international study by Adam Radomsky, a professor of psychology at Concordia University, 94% of the population experienced unwanted or intrusive thoughts in the past three months.

Spend less time spinning your wheels and more time changing your inner critic into your inner champion!

Just as the inner critic is a learned way of talking to yourself, the good news is that you can unlearn it… and it doesn’t take endless hours of therapy or course modules or books. Those negative thoughts are simply a lie, and you can begin to uncover your truth with this time-efficient bundle.

For the seeker who’s tried meditation, retreats, therapy, and alternative healings, and the internal critic is still loud

  • Switch from “I’ll never be good enough” to “I am enough.”
  • Rewire the negative commentary in your brain to a positive loop
  • Fully understand self-compassion, grace, and loving kindness
  • Create new operating instructions and not simply write positive statements, but believe them
  • Stop getting sucked into distractions and live in the moment
  • Change the measuring stick to a healthy goal tracker
  • Be kind to yourself in changing the critic to a champion
  • Let go of the learned critical voice and take control of your life

Those with an inner ally instead of a bully have done the work; that’s the only way it changed.

In this bundle you’ll receive:

A step-by-step workbook to turn your harsh inner critic into your personal champion for those who enjoy journaling as a process.

Six bite-sized videos, less than 30 minutes in total, for those who learn best through listening. I’ll walk you through each part of the workbook so you know exactly what to do next.
A digital copy of “Who’s in Charge of Your Brain,” a picture book for those who love to learn visually.
Access to a live master class, held each month, about the Power Pause for those who love mentorship and community.

"Working with Rachel has changed the way I move through the world. Where I used to be frequently tense and suspicious, I feel relaxed and capable. When problems come up, instead of feeling overwhelmed or pissed off, I just take them piece by piece to get to a solution. It's basically master adulting."


"Working with you is helping me to feel the absence of bad. A couple of times in the last 48-ish hours I’ve started to have this feeling where I’m like 'wait, I’m not feeling bad. *pause* Oh yeah that’s right, I don’t have any reason to.'  And then I’m back off doing whatever it was I was doing. It’s like there’s always been a noise in the background and all of a sudden I realize it’s not there.

It's just an absence of anxiety, worry, depression, sadness, feeling negative about myself, etc.  it’s just not hanging around me all of the time.”


“I now realize it’s okay if i have my own needs. There’s a lot more honoring of what’s really best for me in the moment. I’m getting much better at figuring out what the self-care is that I need. The awesome tool of loving my parts is ground-breaking. What’s different about working with you Rachel, is how you bring things into the somatic and really ground the work into the cells of the body.”



I’ve been struggling with the inner critic for as long as I can remember. What’s your guarantee that your bundle will work?
This bundle won’t change your inner critic into a champion overnight. It’s the repeated practice of these tools that will make it stick. This approach has worked with literally all of my clients, although everyone’s timeline is different. This bundle was designed to take no more than an hour to consume so you can start practicing and using the tools right away!
What’s your background? How do I know you’re qualified to guide me?

I’m glad you asked.That’s a very important question! I’ve been working with clients over the past 15 years as a coach, 8 years as a licensed psychotherapist, and I’ve been dubbed a soul medic.

I use energetic tools combined with intuitive insights that I’ve been given since birth. I was a very sick kid with severe chronic asthma, and every breath was an effort that helped me see things differently. I’m highly sensitive, empathic, and know what it’s like to believe that you are never enough.

If you were looking for a more logical answer, here it is!


  • Licensed psychotherapist for 8 years
  • Certified Family Constellations facilitator (how family systems affect people)
  • Enneagram teacher (incredible insights into what motivates us and what we fear!)
  • Masters in Applied Behavioral Sciences
  • Facilitator of Internal Family Systems, EFT, and energy work
  • And an MFA in Poetry – yes, really
What happens if I can’t make the next monthly master class?

Not a worry! I host these masterclasses every month. Simply email me to register at

How is this different from counseling or therapy?

The support and guidance I provide is meant to supplement therapy, not replace therapy. A therapist is meant to help people recover and maintain their mental health and general life stability. While I use my wisdom and lessons learned from my previous experience as a licensed psychotherapist, I do not provide mental health counseling.

Guidance work is intended for people who are functioning generally well and have healthy mental stability and personal insight that support them in adventuring beyond basic understanding of their life and purpose. While therapy serves an important function, my clients come to me seeking answers they can’t find on their own.

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