Retrain your brain by changing your internal bully to an internal champion.

Imagine looking in the mirror and recognizing all that’s right about you. Imagine the ease of a workday when you know that you’re working at the pace that’s just right for you. Imagine walking into a room and seeing all the ways you belong. Your internal operating system can be a champion instead of a critic.

Get started today for only $490.

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What You’ll Get Today.

A step-by-step workbook to turn your harsh inner critic into your personal champion for those who enjoy journaling as a process.

Six bite-sized videos, less than 30 minutes in total, for those who learn best through listening. I’ll walk you through each part of the workbook so you know exactly what to do next.

A digital copy of “Who’s in Charge of Your Brain,” a picture book for those who love to learn visually.

Access to a live master class, held each month, about the Power Pause for those who love mentorship and community.

What People Say


“Rachel has been my Yoda, my oracle, my Pei Mei. A year ago, I was in a dark place and didn’t know what to do. She guided me through a lot of work and personal drama. She taught me life hacking skills no one ever talks about and how to be a kid again! Thank you for helping me become a much braver and more confident person!”


“I now realize it’s okay if i have my own needs. There’s a lot more honoring of what’s really best for me in the moment. I’m getting much better at figuring out what the self-care is that I need. The awesome tool of loving my parts is ground-breaking. What’s different about working with you Rachel, is how you bring things into the somatic and really ground the work into the cells of the body.”


“Working with Rachel has changed the way I move through the world. Where I used to be frequently tense and suspicious, I feel relaxed and capable. When problems come up, instead of feeling overwhelmed or pissed off, I just take them piece by piece to get to a solution. It’s basically master adulting.”

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