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Concierge care for the spirit and psyche.

All of my clients experience a dramatic increase in intuition, confidence, personal pride, and life satisfaction. I only take on a limited number of guidance clients at a time, so I can remain available and present with each.

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Reviews from Clients

“I now realize it’s okay if i have my own needs. There’s a lot more honoring of what’s really best for me in the moment. I’m getting much better at figuring out what the self-care is that I need. The awesome tool of loving my parts is ground-breaking. What’s different about working with you Rachel, is how you bring things into the somatic and really ground the work into the cells of the body.”


"‘Woman Overboard!’ takes a tough subject like conflict and makes it approachable…and even fun. This book feels like you’re having a conversation with your smartest girlfriend who has fantastic advice about your most difficult relationships. Rachel Alexandria has developed an innovative and practical method that truly helps women navigate the rough waters of conflict."

Dr. Michelle Mazur

"Working with Rachel has changed the way I move through the world. Where I used to be frequently tense and suspicious, I feel relaxed and capable. When problems come up, instead of feeling overwhelmed or pissed off, I just take them piece by piece to get to a solution. It's basically master adulting."


I had been struggling making a certain amount of money for years. No matter how hard I worked or how many opportunities came my way, nothing seemed to result in making the money I wanted. There was a stuckness in me but I couldn't quite figure out how to clear it or where it came from. After just thirty minutes with Rachel, she was able to pinpoint where I was blocked AND helped me clear the stuck energy. She also asked me a question that seemed totally unrelated to my issue at the time. But after doing as she advised, I was delightfully surprised to discover the connection between money and the practice of receiving. A few days after our session, I launched a new course and immediately got several sales! So, her magic session worked! I highly recommend a Magic Session for anyone who feels blocked and wants to make a quick shift that leads to tangible results.

Kelly L.

“You’re helping me take on more and more challenging issues in a way that feels safe and steady and ultimately successful! You’re helping me be more of my true and authentic self in a way that serves me and other people.
I’ve realized I don’t have to feel like I’m being mean when I’m the challenger and confronting issues head on. It’s not destruction—it helps me solve problems more effectively. “


"I loved it! It simplified what took me years (and yourself included) to even get a grasp of. The drawings make it so accessible and non-academic. It also leaves possibility of change open, which is critical."

Amazon review

"I’m so happy to report that the unconscious curling-in my body has been doing for years stopped after the Constellation! When the client started describing the topic of her constellation I knew that my experience with the same medical procedure was the source of my “fetal curling” body response. And it worked perfectly, because I would not have figured that out in a thousand guesses. Last time I attended, I wanted a reprieve from persistent intrusive thoughts, and got it! I trust I’ll get what I need from Soul Constellations and I no longer care about understanding it intellectually, or making sense of the origin, so via group magic is just fine with me!"


Soul constellations with Rachel helped me tremendously in finding peace and greater understanding in my relationship with my father. I went in skeptical of what could be achieved with a group of strangers, but what occurred was amazing! I gained so much insight into my dad’s point of view and experience. My eyes opened and slowly I became able to accept his limitations and that he is actually doing his best to love me. Now I feel less tension and more peace in my dynamic with him. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who’s curious about trying it and has a relationship they would like to be different.


"You are indispensable."


“After our Magic Session, when I have thoughts of that part of my life, they don't hurt anymore. I'm able to move on and not dwell on them (and not beat myself up about it). I needed to forgive myself and didn't know how. Rachel showed me how and that it's ok to forgive myself. Thank you so very much.”


Rachel Alexandria is a soul surgeon who uses her compassion, education, and experience to identify and excise the problem women have with conflict. ‘Woman Overboard!’ is warm, direct, practical and helpful. Much like the woman herself. This recovering ‘Good Girl’ can’t wait to read it again!


"Up until my first Constellation with Rachel, there was a massive divide between my mom and I. Throughout my lifetime I was her "pawn", her emotional support and her "world" in between her alcohol abuse and her dysfunctional relationships with men. I remember feeling terrified that her need would completely consume me. It was awful! I came to Constellations to be part of the amazing experience. It's such a mysterious process but so much unraveled that day! I had no idea how much until time passed and my relationship with my mother began to slowly heal, really without even trying. What transpired felt like a miracle. My mother began to find her own support, her own community of friends and other women. She decided to start taking better care of herself and she released her grip on me. Honestly, I never thought I would experience this with her. Although our relationship isn't perfect, it is one that feels much more functional today. Truly, this is nothing short of a miracle!"


"Rachel has been my Yoda, my oracle, my Pei Mei. A year ago I was in a dark place and didn’t know what to do. She guided me through a lot of work and personal drama. She taught me life-hacking skills no one ever talks about and how to be a kid again! Thank you for helping me become a much more brave and confident person!"


It doesn’t seem like much time, but it was just perfect. So many insights and it really got to the root of what was bugging me. I could totally feel your energy and the healing coming through. You have a beautiful caring spirit. Thanks so much!


“Working with Rachel Alexandria has changed my life. If you haven’t had the opportunity to talk with her, please do yourself a favor and get to know her.”


"I loved this book. It was fun, simple, clear without dumbing down the concepts. Really enjoyable and helpful. And the drawings are fun! Don’t underestimate the value of eye candy like this!"

Mark Silver

"Just received an AMAZING session from Rachel. Holy wow-ness! Seriously, that session blew me away! I feel like a toasted marshmallow: crispy, burnt and totally fluffed out. Zzzz…"


"Rachel embodies a well rounded toolbox that includes practical and energetic/spiritual experiences and knowledge that can help guide others and even open doorways. I think of her as a magical guidance counselor who kicked open a doorway for me after only one session."


The anxiety we worked on is not nearly as strong of a physical presence around my diaphragm, and breathing is easier. The next day, I felt taller--so much so I wished I could have raised my standing desk while working. I feel less rigid when working with my kid's challenges, too.


"I love this book. Anytime I feel myself going down the rabbit hole of “Who do you think you’re kidding? You should be doing more!” I take out this book and remind myself of who is *REALLY* in charge. It’s a quick, fun read anytime I need it."

Dr. Michelle Mazur

"Before our session, I had such an emotional burden that I felt like I couldn’t fully inhale. Like IMMEDIATELY after we did the Magic session, I took a deep breath in and felt my lungs expand massively. And the results have stayed! I suspect people at yoga are wowed by my deep breathing. LOL!"


"I had my first flare-up of asthma and nothing was working. Over months, I was taking many medications and still barely had the energy to live my life -- it was miserable. I constantly felt sick and exhausted. Then, Rachel did a body scan during a Magic session and after doing some research to understand what she found, she suggested acupuncture. Just two weeks later, I felt human again. A few weeks after that, I felt normal for the first time in months. I’m so grateful for Rachel as she gave me my life back!"

Sam G

“Beyond worth it. You gave words to a part of myself that was really repressed. So repressed I would have never thought to tap on it. There is just so much loneliness and heartache there so it’s great to have that safe space to tap on it. And you hold such amazing space too so it makes it even more healing. Very very powerful work.”

Facebook comment

"I found Rachel’s tapping videos at a time of deep heartache and loss. As an enneagram 7, I find it terrifying to feel these feelings fully, but I was being forced to face my demons. I found incredible comfort in the tapping videos and noticed that they were the only thing at the time that brought grounded relief for me. I was able to experience the pain while also self-nurturing and healing. I couldn’t recommend the practice of tapping & Rachel’s guidance more. It is such a gift to us all!"

Sarajane Case

“If you struggle with conflict, Rachel can teach you to feel confident and empowered to speak from your heart and hold boundaries. Rachel is not only one of the best teachers I know but she is intellectually insightful and varied in wealth of understanding and knowledge AND psychically gifted and sensitive to energetics. She will hold your hand, wake you up and kick your ass in order to help you take a stand for yourself. She is warm and loving and gracious. You will love her content and her as a teacher. I do. “


"Constellations was transformative for me. I feel like I'm living in a whole new dimension now.”

Ginger H.

"The courage to engage in difficult conversations is easier when you feel more skilled and confident about your ability to have a productive conversation. ‘Woman Overboard!’ is a useful and practical tool to not only gain the courage you need, but also gives you the real life applicable skills to navigate the stormy waters of your toughest of conversations."

Sarah Harvey Yao

I’d been suffering from decision fatigue, burnout, and a loss of professional focus and direction. Rachel’s methods have helped me make the kind of quick intuitive leaps that felt lost to underneath analysis paralysis and death by research.

Sometimes when making major changes, you need someone who can serve as guide on a strange journey of self-exploration and growth. Rachel has provided specific and useful feedback on what messages I tell myself and what I convey to others, in addition to helping me regain my sense of efficacy.”


"I am so happy that this ‘gold mine’ material is finally in book form and accessible to the world. As a recovering ‘Good Girl’ who directly coaches many women, I can tell you that Rachel has created a profound process that guides women to understanding what happens inside of them during triggering events and potential difficult situations so that ‘conflict’ (or the idea of it) no longer has to be so debilitating or all consuming of our energy. I will be giving my clients this book. ‘Woman Overboard!’ is an easy read full of takeaways, wisdom, reflective space, and workable strategies. Her descriptions and drawings hit home and her process is unique and groundbreaking. As someone who’s intimately known her work (I’ve been through the process myself) I can tell you she’s the real deal and her work is indeed healing."

Regena Garrepy

"Wow, this is like spiritual improv."


"Working with you is helping me to feel the absence of bad. A couple of times in the last 48-ish hours I’ve started to have this feeling where I’m like 'wait, I’m not feeling bad. *pause* Oh yeah that’s right, I don’t have any reason to.'  And then I’m back off doing whatever it was I was doing. It’s like there’s always been a noise in the background and all of a sudden I realize it’s not there.

It's just an absence of anxiety, worry, depression, sadness, feeling negative about myself, etc.  it’s just not hanging around me all of the time.”


"This blew my mind. I got so much insight in that short amount of time. OMG, this was amazing."


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