Woman Overboard! Bonus Toolkit


THANK YOU for Supporting the Empowerment of Women’s Voices!

If you want to gift a copy of the book to someone in your life that needs to find their voice, here is a link to the Amazon page. Just choose to make it a gift during the checkout process to start the process of empowerment for those you care about.

“Relax into Self”

Meditation Track for Accessing Core Self Download the MP3 here.

The 6 Ways Flyer

Print‐Out 6 Ways Women Avoid Conflict Handout (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
Download the handout here.

Woman Overboard! Workbook

Print‐Out Workbook + Self­‐Rescue System Chart (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
Download the Work It Out worksheets.

Tapping Videos

Just click on the right or left navigation arrows OR choose a video thumbnail below to move to the next video.

I absolutely love my work.

My philosophy is best described in the Ram Dass quote, “We are all just walking each other home.” My clients often comment on feeling safe with me. They appreciate that I don’t ever judge them or put myself “one above” them. I figure that it’s taken a village to teach me what I know now; what I do is pass along this wisdom and the energy of loving kindness that has been gifted to me. It means more than I can say that I get to help wonderful people toward a deeper sense of themselves – to give them the gift of more presence, self-love, and belonging in the world.

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