The Adulting Revolution

Your journey starts here with 10 days to all things better adulting.

This is a journey that began with my illustrated book “Who Is in Charge of Your Brain?“! If you read it, you’re probably wondering what comes next.

How can you put this information into practice so you can stop being abused by your inner critics and hear your own deep wisdom more clearly?

I’ve laid out a path for you to master your inner critics and experience more joy and inner peace. Your mission to healthier “adulting,” if you choose to accept it, begins here…


Your new beliefs need support to take root. I like to put up post-it notes of positive reinforcing statements, prayers, and quotes. Here is a starting statement I recommend you read to yourself daily, or post by your laptop, or screenshot and use as a phone background.

I welcome compassionate self-awareness. The more I notice without judgment, the more I create space for positive change.


Feed your mind a steady diet of healthy thoughts using guided meditations. The meditation below is a short beginner track that will train your brain to be calmer and let go of rigid thinking. As you listen, you will start to reclaim your emotional and mental space. I recommend listening at least a couple times a week to make some progress. You can return to this page to listen to this meditation, or if you wish to download it directly,  add this item to your cart and then use the code “journey” at checkout.

Letting Go of Thoughts

by Rachel Alexandria | Guided Meditation


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Who is in Charge of Your Brain?

( An Illustrated Mind-Hack )

What causes depression and anxiety? This illustrated mind-hack reveals what thoughts are sabotaging you and how to work with them to create inner freedom and joy. This little book takes you step by step, through drawings, to show you what’s happening in your head when you’re stuck in self-defeating patterns. Learn about the traps you get caught in and how to get out. Keep this friendly mind-hack on your office desk, coffee table, or nightstand as a conscious reminder to be kind to yourself. Gift it to friends and family to share the joy you’ve found from being in charge of your brain!

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