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Soul School: Journey Within

Want support for these difficult times?

Looking for more calm, clarity and confidence in yourself?

Join this group of intuitive, smart women to access the User’s Manual you always wished you had for how to trust yourself and make wise decisions, even when nothing is certain.

 True story: People ask me this stuff…frequently.

How can you be so patient?
Rachel, how can you make decisions so quickly, and with so much clarity?
How can you take that terrible news with so much resilience, humor, and even gratitude?

I’m not a guru sitting under a fig tree, promising enlightenment (or peddling drugs). But I am calm. I do have clarity on my life. I know who I am and why I am here. And when life hands me the unexpected – I know that it can also be unexpectedly beautiful.

Do I have “all the answers”? No. Definitely not. But, I do know tools that work – spiritually, magically, and scientifically – to make life so much easier. And so much more fun.

Seriously, I have been studying how to live life for years:

  • Licensed psychotherapist for 8 years (working with hundreds of clients)
  • Certified Family Constellations facilitator (how family systems affect people)
  • Trained in the Enneagram (incredible insights into what motivates us and what we fear!)
  • Masters in Applied Behavioral Sciences (your problems don’t exist in a vacuum)
  • Continuing education in Internal Family Systems, EFT, energy work, and shamanic practices
  • And an MFA in Poetry – yes, really (humans touch truth through metaphor)

I also got a lot more zen after going through my divorce and through dealing with a few other tragedies. Realizing that a couple of my most important relationships were broken beyond repair and then having to build my life back from the ground up — that reset a lot of how I see the world and what’s truly important. And during those years of grief and loneliness, I built a deep trust in the Universe and in my own resilience.

Soul School is a group program that condenses everything I’ve learned so you can use ALL of these tools to…

  • Access mental clarity to confidently navigate your personal and professional life
  • Separate emotions and past hurts from current actions and decision-making
  • Keep yourself present and calm in triggering situations
  • Uproot unhealthy, self-sabotaging behavior patterns
  • Feel happier, more content, more at peace with yourself
  • Connect with your inner magic to create remarkable transformation

I’m taking 10 people into the exploration of their lives, so we can open our hearts to our deepest needs and truths, develop interpersonal skills that empower us, and deepen our confidence that when it comes to our lives – we’ve got this.

And the group has got YOU. I’m only choosing remarkable people who are ready to do the work, and to support each other. Expect to gain some incredible relationships from this program — that’s the special magic of group programs.

And along the way, we’ll gain a deep and juicy understanding of the physical, emotional and spiritual layers of this world – while learning the tools to navigate them successfully.

So we can grow in the ways we’re meant to.

Learn the lessons we need to.

Navigate conflict and hardship with grace, power, and love – the way you’ve always wanted to.

Reconnect with our essential selves and make choices that align with our wild souls and dearest values.



Soul School: Journey Within 

6-Month Lesson Plan

Over six months, we will cover:

  1. How to creatively track your personal growth goals, bringing intention and focus to our work together
  2. Different “lenses” to view your life and situations, with the goal of finding perspectives that illuminate breakthroughs for you
  3. How to stay present instead of reactive & triggered in difficult situations
  4. How to manage self-defeating behaviors with self-love and compassion (foundational to achieving any goal you set for yourself, whether it’s weight loss or upleveling your business)
  5. Enneagram basics to cultivate an unconditional, positive regard for yourself
  6. Body sensory work to help you listen to what your body’s wisdom is telling you, and how to hone your intuition to avoid pitfalls

By the end of this first course, you will:

  • Get clarity on what you need and how to get it in any situation.
  • Feel like you know what your purpose is, and how to make it happen.
  • Confidently navigate your life path with resilience, calm, and joy.

Soul School: Journey Within Program Structure

* 2-hour classes twice a month on live Zoom video, with lessons and demonstrations and active discussion. 

* Reading assignments and homework in between sessions.

* Practice partnerships with other students each week.

* Facebook group for sharing learnings and asking questions.

* BONUS: Two personal Magic Sessions with Rachel.

Feeling Called?

I can’t wait to embark on this journey with you!



Upcoming Groups

Look for these upcoming Soul School Journeys in Fall 2020 and later (Journey Within graduates will have first dibs on seats):

Phase 2: Journey Outward

In this phase, we take these foundational skills and step thoughtfully into relationship dynamics. We will explore tools and strategies that both increase understanding and build capacity for dealing successfully with all sorts of relationships, including negotiating conflict, setting boundaries, and strengthening intimacy.

Curriculum includes: I-group, Systemic and Family Constellations, In Their Shoes, the Self-Rescue System, Core Loving Truths

Phase 3: Journey Beyond

In this phase, we explore our intuition and relationship with Spirit (God, or however you call the Divine Greatness) and develop skills at working with the Divine Flow. We will increase our comfort and confidence in working with the sixth sense, build integrity through a strong knowledge of spiritual ethics, and expand our energy toolkit capacities.

Curriculum includes: Ancestral Unburdening, Spiritual Bypassing, Rituals, Energy Hygiene and Oracle Connection.


Next group begins in September 30, 2020
6-month group program


Online Live Video via Zoom


$2,500 for 6-month group program (payment plans available)

Submit this application and set up a time to connect with me.

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