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  • Surprising Tips for How to Lead and Be Loved
  • Three Secrets to Leading Difficult Conversations like a Master.
  • Four Smart Strategies to Get Your Needs Met When Dealing with Difficult People.
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I have led the following interactive workshops to rave reviews:

  • Ten Secrets to Leading Difficult Conversations like a Master
  • Sailing Through Conflict for Smart, Professional Women
  • Good Girl Rehab: How to Handle Anger, Process Disagreement, and Survive Conflict
  • Taking Women from “Good” to “Great”: A Weekend Constellations Workshop
Your workshop on dealing with conflict was EXCELLENT. I’m so glad that I attended. The way you taught the workshop was so nonjudgmental that the attitude carried over into a dream I had that night. Person after person I’ve had unresolved conflict with through my whole life showed up in this dream. I would see some film clip from the past and then freeze it, like a film editor. Then I’d analyze the particular conflict avoidance techniques at work and understand it, without charge. Now, a week later, one of the biggest feelings that I have is relief. A huge sense of relief. Katie Munoz

Owner, Moving Forward, Inc.

I feel lots of us girls have abilities that we simply take for granted. We assume it’s no different than anyone else. I mean, I was walking through world assuming everyone had conversations with birds, dogs, cats, bumble bees… until you witnessed me in action and “labeled” for better lack of term what was happening. I literally went home and googled Animal Communication. I think my Amazon bill for books was over $100.00 that night. It’s like my flashlight was on in the daylight, you turned out the light so the flashlight could do its work. R.M.

Speaker Press-Ready Bio

Leadership and Executive Coach and Intuitive Guide Rachel Alexandria works with high-powered company owners, celebrities, and C-level executives to help them master the balance of leading with power and love. She is the author of the Amazon bestselling book, “Woman Overboard: Six Ways Women Avoid Conflict and One Way to Live Drama-Free,” and the creator of the Self-Rescue System™, a simple, powerful strategy for how to resolve disagreements and difficult conversations without losing your ground or your cool.

Trusted by clients and fans as a coach who walks her talk, Rachel helps visionaries source their full power and strategize compassionate action. Through her proven methods developed during her eight years as a licensed psychotherapist, clients develop practical mindfulness, masterful emotional kung-fu, and platinum-level ability to lead teams through conflict to heartful, healthy outcomes.