Virtual Inner-Strength Training for Conflict-Avoiders, People-Pleasers, and Steamrollers

Conquer Your Fear of Conflict, Speak Your Mind, and Lead with Your Personal Power


Why wait?!

Do you want healthy, happy relationships? How about career advancement? Want to feel powerful and capable in any conversation?

What I’ve discovered is a secret to all of these desires. And it’s something few people know about and even fewer excel at.
Whether you yearn for great relationships, a promotion, or a boost in your confidence to deal with any situation, you need to know how to PRODUCTIVELY deal with conflict.

Confident people know that healthy power isn’t taken from others, it’s something you source from within. It’s a deep knowing inside yourself, that regardless of the challenges that lie ahead, you trust yourself to handle them with wisdom, strength, and grace.

Confident people aren’t just BORN. They have simply LEARNED the skills to support their capability, and you can, too.

“My newfound backbone is moving into all areas of my life now and becoming a habit. I love it! I’m still seeing lots of business flow my way as well because I’m finally asking for exactly what I want…and I’m getting it!” 

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Power Embodied Program Features:

snapshot from live class

Live class snapshot

  • 6 video classes taking you through your roots of avoidance to pragmatic, useful skills you can apply RIGHT AWAY to speak up and create the change you want to see.
  • weekly Action days and tips to practice engaging your power and succeeding in productive conflict
  • online guided community for consistent support and practice partners
  • downloadable videos and PDFs from all the classes for you to keep
  • 30% discount on one-on-one guidance sessions with Rachel

Included Bonuses!

  • copy of Rachel’s best-selling Kindle book on conflict resolution skills, “Woman Overboard!”
  • printable workbook with actionable strategies
  • set of audio meditations from Rachel’s library, including the highly rated “Conquering the Fear of Failure”

 “It was so freaky…like magic. I see the positive results! I see them!”

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Power Embodied Program Tuition:

You can’t easily find this information and skills training elsewhere. I’ve studied and experimented for years to create this potent mixture of old and new wisdom, plus body and mind hacks that bring you to the lead of the pack in communication expertise.

This program was sold at $895 when it was taught live. Now you can get all the content, tools, and tricks, plus learn at your pace, for just $275!

Buy Admittance to Power Embodied

“My relationship with my boyfriend is going so much more smoothly. I was able to say what I needed and take his feelings into account without losing my sh** or manipulating him. I feel so much more graceful than I ever have, and I think we’re happier than ever.”

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Power Embodied Guidance Program Content:

We start with the hardest aspect about power and conflict — fear. Whether it’s fear of failure or looking stupid or being rejected, we will remove the stinger from these fears and source the courage to move beyond them.

Discover the secret sauce to directing any conflict to a productive outcome. Learn the ropes to identifying and getting what you want out of the hard conversations.

Learn repeatable body-based actions that keep you solid and grounded during triggering situations. Create brain hacks that fight off debilitating inner criticism and enable better clarity and confidence.

How to make a specific plan for stepping in to conflict in different ways than you have before. Learn to gauge what approaches are most viable and how to find your own useful balance between Compassion, Charm, Power, and Authenticity.

Develop a radar for especially difficult people who don’t respond to “normal” healthy conflict engagement and learn the methods to work around immovable obstacles.

Bring all your tools together and recognize how far you’ve come. By this point in the program, you’ll have shed the skin of who you used to be and now embraced the more powerful, capable person you were meant to be.

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What do participants in the program get?

We just wrapped Winter quarter and even I was surprised at the results! Check this video to hear what happened:


“Before the program, I truly didn’t have much skill at handling conflicts or hard conversations. I wasn’t good at setting boundaries and asking for what I wanted; I’m your classic doormat!

But this program has given me the tools to get clear on what I want, ask for it appropriately, resource myself to have tough conversations, and actually get what I’m after! I have a new feeling of power…no, I won’t die just because I stand up for myself. I actually end up getting what I want and having my boundaries respected. I can’t tell you how wonderful that feels…

ANYONE can get better at tough conversations and standing up for themselves: do yourself a favor and get into the next session while you still can!”

Kerry Read, PhD

Financial Professional

“If you struggle with conflict, Rachel can teach you to feel confident and empowered to speak from your heart and hold boundaries. Rachel is not only one of the best teachers I know but she is intellectually insightful and varied in wealth of understanding and knowledge AND psychically gifted and sensitive to energetics. She will hold your hand, wake you up and kick your ass in order to help you take a stand for yourself. She is warm and loving and gracious. You will love her content and her as a teacher. I do.”

Regena Garrepy

CEO , Bye Bye Good Girl Getaway and Red Hot Visionista









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