Ever get hurt by someone and then exclaim,”Why are they doing this to me?!”

We tend to think that people are as aware of us as we are of ourselves. And this is just untrue. Most folks are just pinging around life like they are in a pinball game. People run into you thoughtlessly or treat you poorly without being provoked.

Here’s both the bad news and the good news:
The world doesn’t revolve around you.


gif of a cartoon rendering of the solar system with the sun in the center labeled "center of the universe" and an arrow pointing to it reading "not you"


You are the center of your own world, naturally. Therefore, you’ll assume everyone sees things the way you do and is much more aware of your needs and feelings.

The bad news is that this isn’t true. People are pretty much just focused on themselves, same way that you are, and they aren’t thinking about you much at all.

But the good news is that this also means difficult things aren’t all your fault; people don’t react negatively because of you, but instead because of their own patterns and traumas.


image of a two sided image one side black with white and the other side white with black. The left panel reads "Often people don't react negatively because of you," The right side reads "they react negatively because of their trauma and patterns." #soulmedicwisdom


People treating you poorly or thoughtlessly mostly isn’t about you.


What if you can change your belief and start understanding that how other people behave is about them?

Then you can stop wondering what’s wrong with you when someone else gets triggered at you. Stop trying to find the answer in your own flaws. Instead, get to work on a plan that is focused on them and intervening with their bad behavior.


gif of a woman pointing at her nose and shaking her head no.


One of the skills you’ll learn in Soul School is how to discern the difference between things that are your responsibility and things that aren’t. You’ll find your positive results amplify when you stop fighting unwinnable battles and focus your energy on the places where you can make things happen.

We are enrolling students now for this life mastery program. Find out more about how Soul School will help you find this inner balance.


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