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Emotions in Small Business

Back in 2008-2009 when I was first starting up a small business, I discovered how intense it felt on a daily basis. I started going around saying, “If you ever want to face all your inner demons, start a business.”

So I started a podcast to talk about the emotions that would come up for me and business friends when working on our businesses. These are the eleven episodes I recorded of myself and guests processing these emotions. Hopefully they give you some solace, some laughs, and a few good ideas.

EP 01 | Small Business Owners and Emotions: You're Not Alone

“If you ever want to face all your inner demons, start a business.” Our culture wants us to believe that business should be devoid of emotions, but here’s the sometimes scary truth: we are human beings and we have feelings. And they don’t stop just because we put our business hats on. In fact, your feelings are an unexplored asset to your business. A treasure trove of information and tools about connecting with your potential clients. But first, we need to debunk the myths about emotion in business.


Who Is in Charge of Your Brain

This little book takes you step by step, through drawings, to show you what’s happening in your head when you’re stuck in self-defeating patterns. Learn about the traps you get caught in and how to get out.

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