“I know money is fickle and it goes where it wants.”

“I know I don’t have the right to demand health from the Universe.”

“I know I can’t just cut people out of my life because that’s not unconditional love.”

As a Soul Medic, I hear a lot of beliefs that get stated like they are Truth. We think we know the rules of the world, and what our limitations are. We think we know what we have the capability to do and NOT do.

And sometimes these beliefs keep us stuck in small boxes. Smaller than who we actually are capable of being.

But our beliefs can spontaneously change throughout our lives. Take a moment to reflect on how many times in your life you have had a belief totally turned on its head.

What about when you found out that meat was made from animals? When you discovered that it is not, in fact, illegal to drive a car with the interior lights on? Or when you discovered the truth about a family secret?

gif if a kitten with a surprised look on its face as it puts its front paw on its mouth


The movie Men In Black has a great moment about confronting new beliefs. Tommy Lee Jones helps the hero grapple with the revelation of aliens living on Earth. He says, “Fifteen hundred years ago, everybody knew the Earth was the center of the universe. Five hundred years ago, everybody knew the Earth was flat, and fifteen minutes ago, you knew that humans were alone on this planet. Imagine what you’ll know tomorrow.”

Beliefs are actually changeable and you can change them on PURPOSE.

Which is good, because beliefs are the secret driver underneath our choices.


gif of a fox driving a car with an arrow pointing to it labeled "beliefs" and an arrow pointing to the car labeled "you". There's a fork in the road and both directions are labeled "actions and choices"


We like to think that we make our decisions consciously, but consider these examples:

When we believe that we do not deserve to be treated well, we will befriend and even marry people who treat us poorly. When we believe that the world is full of kindness, we tend to encounter kindness wherever we go.

Why is it important to examine our beliefs?

An outdated belief can be the reason why you’re not getting where you want to go. It can be the root of your suffering, as when a client of mine felt she didn’t have the right to be picky in her love life and always dated people who made her miserable.

If you’ve been struggling for a while to change something and whatever you’ve tried isn’t making a dent, maybe it’s time to get curious about your underlying beliefs in the driver’s seat.

One of the best, and hardest, questions you can ask yourself is “what am I believing that might NOT be true?”

Then, stay curious and open to what may come.

gif of a cartoon corgi wearing a bow tie. Thought clouds above his head with text reading "what am I believing that might not be true?"


Getting more curious about what you believe and whether it’s serving you?

In Soul School, you’ll learn the skills to stay curious in the face of challenge. You’ll then develop the bravery and resilience it takes to grow into the YOU that you truly want to be.

I believe everyone who wants change has this capacity for evolution. You are more transformational than you yet know. Find out more about YOU in Soul School.

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