30-Minute Magic Sessions

Use this super-charged energy assessment and clearing to break through whatever pattern you’ve been stuck in.

Get deep insight, clarity, and shift, plus take home recommendations for best practices to weave the good stuff into your daily life.

What happens? We connect on a video call, check in for your focus, and then let the guidance flow. You’ll be amazed by how much helpful data comes through in this powerful session.

A sense of “At last!”

In just a short session, Rachel helped me unlock some emotional energy that had been frozen. That has allowed me to begin releasing some pent-up grief so that I can finally relax into my life and regain the flexibility I need in order to move, thrive, and grow.

Grateful that I had the time with her. Recommended!

Matthew O'Brien

Varsity Witch

So many insights!

Thanks Rachel! As a healer myself I was curious to see how you structured a 30 minute session. It doesn’t seem like much time, but it was just perfect. So many insights and it really got to the root of what was bugging me. I could totally feel your energy and the healing coming through. You have a beautiful caring spirit. Thanks so much!

Diana Lovitt

Healer, Inner Drop

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