Credentials for you facts-lovers

MA in Applied Behavioral Science, Leadership Institute of Seattle (LIOS) at Bastyr University; MFA in Poetry, University of Florida; BA in English, University of Washington; Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC, state of WA); Certified Systemic Constellations Facilitator; EFT practitioner; Enneagram teacher; Energy worker/Sound healer/Intuitive

Hey there, I’m Rachel Alexandria.

About ten years ago, I started hearing signs from the universe (or “Spirit,” as I usually refer to it) that I had access to information and abilities that I couldn’t quite explain. That, understandably, freaked me out and intrigued me at the same time. I embarked on a year-long intensive exploration to better understand these gifts and eventually integrate them into my work with clients as a new therapist. That was 2006.

Now, I’m a Power Coach and Intuitive Guide. I built my skills as a licensed psychotherapist for eight years, and before that, I was an executive assistant (read: versatile, organized problem solver). I’ve spent years assisting powerful people and boosting success in organizations and systems.

Now, I bring ALL of my therapist skills, energy worker skills, and entrepreneurial skills to support my powerful, heart-centered clients as their secret weapon of high-octane SHIFT. One of my greatest abilities is to intuitively align with my clients so I can immediately PERCEIVE and help REMOVE any psychological, ancestral, past-life, or energetic barriers in the way of their fully authentic, powerful leadership.

Where I thought there were obstacles

there were only illusions.

When my life fell apart, I had to learn how to deal with conflict.

Right as I was finishing graduate school, my business partnership imploded, and my marriage followed suit within a year. When I sat in the wreckage of all that, I asked myself what part of the cause was due to me. I found that, over and over, I had evaded dealing with difficult situations. I hid from hard conversations because I was scared. I didn’t know how to handle them without hurting the people I loved or screwing everything up.

After that discovery, I KNEW I didn’t want to make that mistake again. I threw myself into figuring out how to handle difficult communication. I committed to NEVER avoiding a hard topic again, and in the process, I ended up writing a book. I developed a method for preparing myself to talk about anything with anyone without freaking out or shutting down.

I can honestly say that THIS is the work, more than any other, that freed me up to lead powerful teams and stand up to deliver hard truths, with compassion, to anyone. When you are no longer worried about what others think about you AND you know you can gracefully handle any disagreement without losing yourself or your boundaries, you feel so much FREER to lead from your heart.

Great leaders don’t do it alone.

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” – William Shakespeare

I didn’t set out to become a leader or even a coach for leaders. In fact, when I got out of college, I had no clue what I wanted to be and no ambition to do anything other than make “enough” money and have fun with my friends.

After six months of just working a basic office job, I was bored and dissatisfied with my life in general. So I went to graduate school across the country, simply to reset my life and to learn about myself. When I finished, I fell into the same pattern, working an office job and trying to figure out why my heart felt so…empty.

When I sat myself down for a long meditation on my life purpose, I stopped running from what I was trying not to know–that I love making a big difference in the lives of people I respect. This began a long process of accepting support and truly allowing my heart to open and receive.

Over the next ten years, I learned so much about power and love, communication and listening, psychology and spirituality. I found myself being drawn to supporting my teachers and leaders, regardless of circumstance. I began to share stories of my own growth experiences and found that people were inspired and validated by it. Eventually I realized that I’d fallen in love with leadership, and love more than anything freeing other high-integrity leaders so they can help shape the world with their vision.

Highly intuitive.

“I’ve worked with Rachel on a number of different levels and have been very impressed with her work.  She is a good listener and  incredibly intuitive and is able to use what she senses through many different tools and modalities to help create positive and lasting change.  I would highly recommend her for anyone hoping to get to their next level.”

Morgan Oaks, D.C.